Steel Carports Aren’t Just for Cars

Elephant Structures Steel Carports

A steel carport is not just an outdoor garage; it is a multipurpose tool for all of your storage needs.  Maybe you just need some additional space to store your car or other personal vehicle.  However, our custom steel carports can be used for many other types of storage.  If you have any large machinery or other equipment that needs protection from the elements, our custom carports can be designed at any length, width, or height that you need.  What if you could have a cookout in the middle of a rainstorm?  With our steel carports from to protect your family and friends from bad weather, this dream can become a reality.

Our Steel Carports are Fully Customizable

Our website,, has a comprehensive building tool that you can use to create your own custom steel carport.  This allows you to build your carport at any size, shape, or even color that you desire.  Imagine looking across the street at your neighbor’s brand new steel carport, and seeing that it sticks out like a sore thumb!  With Elephant Structures custom steel carports, you never have to worry; we’ll help you find the perfect color that matches your house.  Whether you have one car or two, or even a truck or RV, our steel carports can be designed to fit all of your needs.

What if you need more protection? Steel garages are the answer!

If you need more than just a standard carport, our steel garages can provide the extra protection that you need.  If you need an open-ended structure, we will happily build this for you.  We can also create a garage with partial walls, or a completely closed structure that acts as a storage shed or large car garage.  Our custom steel garages can even be used as a new workshop, providing a safe, durable home for all of your do-it-yourself projects.  With our custom steel garages, the possibilities are endless!

Made in the USA!

All of Elephant Structures steel carports and garages are proudly manufactured in the United States.  We use only the highest quality materials, including heavy duty galvalume steel, that is designed to hold up against the rigors of tough weather, and to withstand the tests of time.  Our manufacturing processes are being constantly refined, so we can keep improving our methods.  We also triple check all of our steel carports for quality, ensuring each building is mistake-free and structurally strong.  We never outsource our quality to anyone else; Elephant Structures’ pristine steel carports can only be found here in the USA.

We make payment easy!  Elephant Structures offers financing on all of our quality steel carports and garages.  For more information, please visit  Just fill out the initial form, and one of our sales representatives will contact you directly within 24 business hours.  Our devoted employees are 100% committed to creating a financing plan that fits your budget, so you can get the carport you need, exactly when you need it.

So what are you waiting for? We make purchasing steel carports and garages simple and easy.  With our comprehensive building tool, easily customizable structures, and team of dedicated professionals, Elephant Structures is ready to help you create your own one of a kind custom carport that is more than just a home for your car.

Click here to design your custom Metal Carport!

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Metal Carport Kits – Do It Yourself Storage!

Extra space, without the hassle!

Everyone could use a carport or steel building for some extra storage.  Sometimes, there just isn’t enough space in your home to keep everything you need.  Maybe the lawnmower just won’t fit in the garage anymore, or you might just need some protection for that brand new car.  However, getting a steel carport built on your property can be a hassle.  The process can be incredibly time consuming and troublesome, especially since professional installation is required.  But what if you could have all of the benefits of a brand new steel carport, without any of the inconveniences?  With our do-it-yourself metal carport kits, Elephant Structures has the solution to your storage needs.

How do I get my carport?

First, you must visit our website,, to get started.  There, you will design your own custom building, making it any size, shape, and even color that you need.  Every design is unique; you can turn your carport into an extra garage, or even create a brand new workshop.  Next, after ordering your custom building, we will deliver it directly to your door.  We also include a metal carport kit with the building, that shows you how to install it yourself!  Installation is fast and easy, only requiring the use of common household tools.  All you need is a power drill, a hammer, and a ladder!  The prefabricated carport kits make our buildings incredibly quick and easy to install for anyone,  but that doesn’t mean we are sacrificing quality.  All of our buildings are manufactured with premium grade steel, making them extremely strong and durable.

We know that once you design and order your building, you need it fast.  If you upgrade to our commercial unit, we can have your building ready and delivered to you in just 2 weeks!  If you would like to use this option, please contact us to speak with a qualified building expert.  Our dedicated sales representatives are standing by to help you get the building you need, delivered where and when you need it.

They’re portable, too!

Our metal carport kits can be installed anywhere, for almost any use!  Our customers have installed carports on pull-behind trailers, using our building as an animal shelter or a camping area during long-distance travel.  You could also use our kits to install your carport on top of a heavy duty trailer as construction for a small home.  Customers also have the option to certify each building for increased strength and durability.  Imagine having a small home that is anchored to withstand the force of a category 4 hurricane!   The possibilities with our metal carport kits are endless.

So what are you waiting for?  For more information about ordering and designing your own custom carport, please visit, or call us at 855-CARPORT (855-227-7678)

Click here to design your custom Metal Carport!

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Country House Plan with Carport

Metal Carports, The Supreme Protection

Country House Plan with Carport

Metal carports are light and portable structures that are ideal for the protection of your cars, trucks, and boats. Don’t think that because these structures are light and portable that means they are flimsy and cheap. In fact, we provide the exact opposite! Our metal carports are designed and engineered with strength and durability in mind.

All year round your vehicles are subject to the elements which wears them down. Throughout the summer, vehicles take a beating sun; bleaching their color. During the winter, they are hit with cold snaps, harsh winds, and heavy snowfall. Our metal carport garages are perfect for handling adverse weather conditions.

Boating season is coming to an end as the summer season begins to cool off. As a boat owner, you want the protection for your boat. Having to pay monthly for a storage facility  can become quite expensive over time and then you are forced to pick it up and drop it off at that location. With our metal carports, you know that you can have your boat whenever you want and you know it will be handled with care.

When dealing with our metal carport garages, you have the option of customizing your building to your liking. Whether you want a certain color or size, we are able to handle almost everything! With all of our buildings made from high quality Galvalume steel and top grade 8 bolts, you will get everything you could want in a metal carport garage.

Elephant Structures is the leading provider of high quality metal building kits in the industry. We decide a long time ago to hire only highly skilled individuals to join our team in designing our buildings. We have spent millions in research in order to produce the best type of building for the consumer. Our metal carports have become the best and continue to be the industry’s standard for strength, affordability, and do-it-yourself assembly.

For more information on the strength and durability of our metal carport garages, give us a call at: (855) 227-7678

Click here to design your custom Metal Carport!

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Steel Building Carport

Steel Buildings Protect Your Car. Here’s How.

Prologue: Steel Buildings Abound.

The 2000s have seen a growing number of steel buildings popping up in commercial and residential areas. Why do you suppose that is? Maybe it’s because of the undeniable strength of steel. When you combine that strength with the ingenuity of Elephant Structures engineering and the skills of our experienced installation teams, what do you get?

Steel Buildings Carport

You get a steel building that just won’t stop. A metal garage that’s built to last. Long ago, we figured out the structural benefits of steel, and we’ve stuck by that discovery. It’s fundamental. And it’s not even a secret. But what makes our steel buildings unique is that we know how to use steel. We fashion it into a powerful design that will withstand damage over time. We construct steel carports and garages with unbeatable structural integrity. Each carport is designed to stand strong in the face of adversity, offering supreme protection for your car.

It’s a Sunshiny Day for a Carport

So, you’re looking for a home for your car. It’s rainy out. Or snowy. Or hailing. Or maybe the sun is beating down on your car with a vengeance. The sun is a vicious opponent. Sitting up there, all smug just because it’s the brightest thing in our sky. But that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your car paint for it. You hear that, sun? Not this car. 

So how do we protect our cars from the adversarial sunshine and weather patterns? We get steel buildings. A carport. Maybe a garage. It’s the only way to make sure the pride of our driveway is safe and sound. If it’s an Elephant Structures carport or garage, you know it’s protected with the might of a thousand suns. Because it’s got Elephant Structures steel, ingenuity, and style. Yeah, we’ve got that.

Order your steel buildings by visiting Elephant Structures today!

Click here to design your custom Metal Carport!

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metal carport

Metal Carport: Let’s Customize

Imagine your own metal carport.

metal carport

Great job!

Now imagine the rush of pulling into the all-steel protection of this metal carport. Like driving into a protective pod with no walls. Or with three solid walls. Or two, or one. That’s the beauty of it: you can imagine your metal carport with as many walls as you want.

But why would you use your imagination on a carport, when there’s an online building system that lets you design your metal carport with the click of a button? Wouldn’t you rather use your imagination on other things, like a car that grows wings and can fly higher than a rain cloud? That’s something we, as 21st-century Americans, don’t have. But what we do have is something strong, something attainable, and something practical. We have a metal carport.

But keep imagining your metal carport. Imagine what color panels will best complement your house. Imagine which of our three roof styles says, “Take your best shot, weather!” in your unique tone of voice. Imagine a skilled team of builders installing a carport for one, two, or even three cars! Now imagine the quality steel, the years of protection you’ll get for your vehicles and equipment.

Now go make it a reality.

Elephant Structures carports aren’t your run-of-the-mill metal sheds. These metal carports are designed with your needs in mind. Width, height, color, roof—it’s all custom. Our world is populated by many different vehicle designs; why would you settle for just any old carport? Your car is an expression of you, right? Well then, so is your carport.

Learn how to design your very own metal carport by calling or visiting our online builder. We’ll guide you through the easy, step-by-step process of designing and buying the perfect carport. And with free delivery and installation, your shopping experience just got better.

Click here to design your custom Metal Carport!

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