Level Building Site

Is your building site level or does it need to be leveled?

Is your building site level?

You are going through your check list to make sure you have everything lined up to get your new metal structure. You have your order placed, your permit pulled, and payment ready to go. Now what? In order for our installers to construct your metal building as efficiently as possible giving it the most stability your building site must be level!

If your site is NOT level do not panic; it can be off within 4″. It can also be dramatically off from SIDE to SIDE ONLY! If your building is shorter on one side than the other the legs can be cut to make it as level as possible. Keep in mind that the building can NOT be dramatically un-level from FRONT to BACK!

Having a structure on a site that is not level can sometimes hurt the structures integrity and cause run offs in the wrong places.


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Certifications and Permits

What are Certifications and Permits?

Why are they Important?

Some cities and states require you to have a permit before you can build an additional structure on your land to ensure that it meets certain codes and regulations. To find out if your state or town requires a permit visit your local Permitting Office. There are only a few states that do not require a permit so more than likely you will have to obtain one before your structure can be installed. Please know that you as a customer are responsible to finding out about a building permit.

In the case that your area does require you to have a permit your building will have to be certified. Certifications are used to know which combination of bracing and anchors are needed. This depends on the wind speeds and snow loads that your area experiences throughout the year.

If in the case your Permitting Office requires a copy of the building plans, generic ones can be provided upon request. To do that contact a sales representative and also inquire if it is an additional charge for your specific area. We can also provide you with site specific plans if necessary.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions via phone (855) 227-7678 or on the “Contact Us” page.

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The Difference in the Gauge Quality

The Difference in the Gauge Quality

What is a gauge and what is the difference?

A gauge is a measurement of the thickness, size, or capacity of something. In regards to a metal building when gauge is mentioned it is talking about the structural tubing. A metal building is made almost entirely of tubing. The only part of the building that isn’t is the roofing and siding. With that being said you want the best most structurally stable metal holding up your building.

Above is an example of how much tubing goes into a structure.

Above is an example of how much tubing goes into a structure.

Here at Elephant Structures we offer two different gauge grades; a 12 Gauge (GA) and a 14 GA. This may sound a little backwards but the 12 GA is the better of the two. When you get 12 GA tubing you are getting a 30% thicker therefore a 30% stronger metal. Sounds crazy I know. The 12 GA tubing is 2.25″ x 2.25″ while the 14 GA is 2.5″ x 2.5″.

When you place your order the 14 GA will be the standard metal and if you want the 12 GA metal it will be an up-charge based on the area and the size of the building. There are three things to consider then deciding whether to stick with the 14 GA or up grade to the 12 GA.

  1. The 12 GA is 30% thicker and stronger.
  2. The 12 GA has a 20 year rust warrantee.
  3. It is HIGHLY recommended if you are in an area that gets heavy snow fall.

With all of that in mind if you are ready to customize a structure to fit your needs head over to carport.com and use the builder for a live image of what your building will look like. If you get stuck do not worry, just give us a call at (855) CAR-PORT / (855) 227-7678. We are ready and fully staffed with a highly qualified sales team and trained engineers to assist you in any way.

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Winter Weather Protection

“Get the milk, get the bread, get the toilet paper, it’s gonna snow!”

Now that fall is coming to an end and winter weather is quickly approaching has this saying come across your mind? In the winter months it is not only crucial to protect and prepare your pantry and family but also your vehicles, RVs, and boats. If its winter and you live in the higher altitudes, you’ll most likely have to deal with heavy snowfall or hail. The easiest way to save your transportation items from snow, wind, and hail damage is to secure it in a metal carport from Elephant Structures!

At Elephant Structures you can find a variety of sizes and options to suit your needs. Starting at the low price of just $695.00 you can customize your very own carport to provide your vehicle, RV, or boat the protection it deserves. We have twelve different colors to choose from that you can mix and match with your roof, siding, and trim. Every carport is constructed with top grade galvanized metal and secured with grade 8 bolts.

If you already have a carport you can add side extensions to your steel carport to provide added side protection. They attach to the carport below the roof overhang and can help protect damage to your car from falling snow.

Do you want to know the very best part of ordering from Elephant Structures? You get protection from winter weather with FREE delivery and installation! Yes you read that right, you do NOT have to pay a dime to have your building brought to your front door and assembled by a well trained crew.

To order yours today visit us at carport.com. If you run across any issues or have additional questions call us toll free at (855) 227-7678. We are ready with a very knowledgeable and well trained team of sales associates and engineers to assist you in any way.

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Buy A Carport The Easy Way

When you’re looking to buy a carport, you want a quality experience with professional carport experts. You don’t want to deal with a complicated process. In fact, it helps if you have choices – right? Choices, that is, in how you choose to contact the carport seller. If you want to call the company and deal with a friendly voice, you can. If you’re a more hands-on type and want to design the carport yourself, you can do it with our handy online design tool, created specifically so you can get a look at a virtual representation of your new carport, before it’s ever even installed. That way, you’re sure to get the carport design you want.

When you’re looking to buy a carport, shop Carport.com

It’s an easy way to buy a carport. Just visit our website and explore. Be sure to enter your ZIP code and you’ll be able to get updated prices in real-time, based on the changes you make. You may prefer, however, to give us a call and describe to our experienced metal building experts exactly what you’re looking for in a carport. Do you want two walls? Half walls? A window or two? Our friendly staff is prepared to take your specifications into account in designing the perfect metal carport or garage for your home or place of business.

We’ve made it our goal to make your carport shopping experience into something you’ll love as much as you’ll love your new metal building. The quality construction and fine steel components are reflected in our dedication to you and your satisfaction. Don’t just buy a carport for the near future. Buy a carport for the long term.

Buy a Carport the Easy Way

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