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Doing it yourself can feel like this...

If you're a "handy" sort of person who likes rolling your sleeves up, learning how to put something together, and saving a little bit of money by doing so, we have the carport kits for you! Starting from scratch and following carport designs or carport plans from the internet is an exercise in frustration, and you never really know what it will look like until its done. Our carport kits and metal garage kits offer our professionaly finished appearance in a kit that you can assemble yourself!

DIY Carports?

There's a right way, and a wrong way to build a carport or metal garage...

“The Amish can raise a barn; I can TOTALLY do that too.” Sure, you could probably build some sort of a structure with the help of a few friends, but there are plenty of reasons to step back and let our experienced, professional installers do it for you instead!


Most people start into do-it-yourself projects with the notion that they will be saving themselves money in the long run. Time after time, weekend warriors head out to their local hardware store, stock up on tools and materials they think will get them through their projects, and head back home to find that they are not as prepared as they thought they might have been. More often than not, it is more expensive to attempt a project by yourself, find that it is too much work/you are not quite prepared, and then hire a professional to do the project from the beginning. Carports, garages and other steel buildings are no exception. All Elephant Structures’ products come with FREE delivery and free installation, meaning there is no money-related hurdle between you and a professionally installed metal structure!


Your time is valuable. You work all week, you deserve time to relax! As much as you might enjoy doing home improvement projects, there are some projects that you can feel good about leaving to the professionals. Our installers work in well synchronized teams daily, installing buildings very similar to yours. They are efficient and effective, carrying out the installation quickly, but without being hasty. Having our installers complete the project for you allows you the opportunity to do other things and still feel great about the work being done to build your structure.

Professional Results

Of course it feels wonderful to give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done, but how do you know that your do-it-yourself project will stand the test of time? When you buy with Elephant Structures, you will receive our guarantee (length and terms vary by state) that says we stand behind our work. We know you’ll be pleased with your building and installation; our many repeat customers are a testament to a job well done!

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Code Compliance

Often people aren’t aware that many counties require a permit to build, even for things like carport kits and small sheds. Our staff is fully versed on what it takes to meet county building requirements and can help walk you through the process. We can provide you with engineered drawings for your permit, and ensure that your certified carport, metal garage or other structure has the correct wind and snow load ratings and other specifications needed to stand up to all required building codes.

Elephant Structures wants to make it easy on you to get the affordable, quality metal building that you purchased. We are willing to work with you closely to ensure work is done to your specifications. With this building process tailored to you and your needs, there is no need to go out of your way to pick up your own materials and do it yourself! Trust the professionals at Elephant Structures to take care of your order in an efficient and timely manner. All that’s left to you is to enjoy and make use of your structure!

To design and customize your new steel carport or steel garage,

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