Commercial metal building 50 x 100 with blue walls and white trim, one roll up garage door and walk in door.
c50x100 Commercial Metal Garage with Blue Roof and Blue Walls50x100 Commercial Metal Garage with Blue Roof and Blue Walls50x100 Commercial Metal Garage with Blue Roof and Blue Walls

50×100 Commercial Metal Garage


If you’re looking for an affordable 50′ wide commercial structure to store your company’s equipment, products, or even provide a work area for your employees than this is the structure for you. With our largest door on the front, a 12’ wide x 12’ High roll-up garage door, you’ll be able to access your merchandise and equipment easily. The walk-in door next to the roll-up is a 36” x 80”, and also serves to make your building that much more convenient to work with. The building is automatically certified due to its size, and is guaranteed to meet your county’s building codes up to 130 mph wind speed and 30 psf snow loads. This is a custom building, and must be purchased by calling in to speak with a building advisor.

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50x100 Commercial Metal Garage

This large 50×100 Commercial Metal Garage measures 50’ Wide x 100’ Long x 14’ high and has 5,000 sq. ft. of storage space. This building is for customers who need a large protected area with top of the line specs. This building is guaranteed to meet or exceed your county’s building codes and loadings.

Steel Frame Commercial Quality Buildings

Quality steel, design, and engineering work in concert for seamless roofing, side wall paneling, and structural framing. This building is designed for both residential and commercial use with endless applications from a garage, storage building, warehouse, or even a multi-use building. No matter what your needs are we can customize a solution to meet your needs. This building includes a 50′ wide clear span interior space. We can include steel frame partition walls, or even add lean-to structures on either side or both adding even more usability and functionality to the garage. Have questions? We have answers. Contact a commercial building advisor today to discuss your needs, installation and construction details, and to get the best pricing and service in the industry. We have representatives ready to help from Monday through Saturday.

Elephant Structures, A Name You Can Trust

The estimated starting pricing is a rough number that is in the ballpark for this size structure. This is not a final price as pricing varies based on your specific location, building codes, loadings, and required wind speed resistance. We take price in helping our customers get the best metal garage buildings for the best price and we’re ready to help you. If your building might require special installation considerations due to the location of the construction site, please let your building advisor know so they can ensure the construction crews are prepared prior to their arrival. If there are issues with the foundation, or other concerns delivering or accessing the construction size with a truck and a trailer, additional fees may be required to complete your installation.

Building Foundations & Construction Site Preparations

Your foundation for the building must be level within 3″ in any direction. For steel buildings this size, we recommend concrete foundations. A full concrete slab is the best for installation and usability of your space pending your needs. We can also install the bundling on concrete footings making the project less costly up-front. You can always pour the interior slab of the building after the steel  is erected if you later choose to finish off the building. Be sure to coordinate with our scheduling department once your order is placed. You need to ensure your site is ready for installation once the garage building kit is delivered. Our teams and crews work hard to service all our customers with speed and quality service across the nation. Contact us today to learn how.

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Great Protection, Without Breaking the Bank.
This top of the line building from Elephant Structures can fit a large amount of equipment, products, or vehicles. With 5,000 sq. ft. of storage space, your commercial storage needs are sure to be met. This building is highly customizable, and if you would like to add any doors or customize colors, or end walls, be sure to mention your needs to one of our building advisors who will be happy to help you with any of your questions. The pricing for our structures varies based upon your local geographic area, local building codes, and local loadings for both wind and snow loads. However, with factory certification your building is guaranteed to meet your area’s building permits. Also, each leg has extra bracing when the structure is certified, making it one of the strongest buildings on the market.

The vertical style roof features angled corners with overhangs on each side, as well as front and back ends. The panels and trim can be ordered with as many combinations as you require, adding your own personal touch to the structure. Some of the benefits of owning a carport include prolonging the life of whatever you choose to store underneath, and preventing unexpected damage from falling debris due to a storm or any number of unfortunate occurrences. Whatever your desires for specifications we can fulfill, our capable engineers are responsible for consistently satisfied customers year around. We will install on almost any surface, including ground, gravel, asphalt, concrete, and even wood. We do require the installation site to be level within 3” in any direction and we also recommend concrete foundation for ease of installation and long-term structural integrity. As an added bonus we will add concrete specific anchors at no extra cost. Concrete footers are another option if a full concrete pad is not desired, and engineered foundation drawings will be made to accommodate your structure.

Width Length Height Sqft
50ft 100ft 14ft 5000sqft

• Fully Enclosed Commercial Garage for a myriad of uses

• Most affordable quality large structures on the market

• Fits up to five cars if used as a garage side by side

• Largest roll-up garage door we offer at 12’ wide x 12’ High

• 14 Gauge steel frame construction

• 29 Gauge metal roofing

• Engineered to meet or exceed your local snow load and wind velocity ratings

• Prefabricated steel engineered structures resist fire, smoke, mold, and termite damage

• Construction foundations can include dirt, concrete slab, footers, piers, or most all level surfaces. If construction will require installers to work over existing equipment, at commercial facilities, on floating docks, or hard to reach construction sites, please consult a building advisor as these conditions may require additional installation costs.

• Carport design includes an all-steel framing, and a steel roof truss system. All required 29-Gauge sheeting for side walls and ends, metal roof panels, hardware, metal trim, and bracing specified or required by your local building code.

• Ground and high-wind anchors may be purchased at additional costs. Proper number of anchors are included with any certified building upgrade.

• Delivery and Installation times may vary due to location, weather, and order volume. Once your order is secured, your scheduler will contact you in advance of your delivery date to confirm delivery and installation.

• This structure is available with turn-key full construction, or as a commercial garage building kit for constructors or DIY owners who wish to install themselves. Consult a building specialist for more details.


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