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Metal Carports

Elephant Structures sets the standard with our dependable metal carports.  We use premium American steel and a detailed manufacturing process to ensure that we make you a strong, durable, and reliable structure that will shelter your car or RV for years to come.  All of our top quality carports are custom built for your needs, meaning no two are alike.  With three roof styles and options for end walls, side walls, windows, and two types of doors, the possibilities for your brand new metal carport are endless.  Our carport experts will guide you through the entire process, helping you choose a brand new metal carport that is just right for whatever you need.

Free Shipping & Carport Installation Included With Your Purchase!

Carport Features

  • Three roof styles
    1. Regular – Arched roof built with horizontal panels
    2. Boxed-Eave – A classic roof, with horizontal panels
    3. Vertical – Same as the boxed eave, but built with vertical panels for natural flow of rainfall and better overall durability
  • Windows, Walk-In Doors, and Roll-Up garage doors available
  • Options for open or enclosed structures
    1. Gabled ends
    2. Side walls – full or half enclosure
    3. Closed front or back end
  • Custom color choices available

Product Details

  • We can custom build a carport of almost any size (one car, two car, three car)
  • Galvanized Steel frames – available in 14 gauge, or our stronger 12 gauge
  • Vehicle clearance is determined by height of the legs
  • 29 gauge roofing stands up to snow and rain loads
  • Standard 3:12 pitch roof
  • Can be anchored to foundation for superior wind resistance
  • Certification available (needed in locations that require a building permit)

Carport Uses

  • Protection for your car or RV
  • Picnic area or covered space for family gatherings
  • Boat Storage
  • Equipment Storage (lawnmowers, RTVs, etc.)
  • Workshop
  • Auto Repair
  • General shelter or protection from weather
  • And more!