Having a pickup truck or van is a wonderful experience.  You get to enjoy the freedom of the open road, with the ability to do heavy lifting or other activities that smaller vehicles cannot conquer.  If you have purchased a pickup truck, van, or SUV, you are probably in the mindset of making it last as long as possible. After finishing your project and exposing your truck to wear and tear, why leave it outdoors where even more damage can occur?  If you need to protect your truck from the elements, then this Single Wide Carport from Elephant Structures provides the solution. Our carports are highly customizable and always come with free delivery and installation.

Single Wide Carport

If you own a pickup truck, van, or SUV our single carport for larger vehicles is an appropriate, affordable choice for sheltering your vehicle outdoors! With a larger size than typically found in our standard single car carports, our model created for larger vehicles provides the space that is needed for these oversized cars, or can simply provide extra height for car-owners who may need or want that feature. Made completely of galvanized steel (galvanization is a process that prevents rusting and weathering and ensures durability), your metal shelter is a structure that will last and pay for itself again and again.

Single wide tall carport with boat parked underneath.

Purchasing a Single Wide Carport

Our carport for trucks, vans, and SUVs is wonderfully affordable and completely customizable! All of our carports, garages, barns and other metal structures come with FREE delivery and installation. Your choice of 12 different steel colors is also included! If you need a building permit or have specific wind or snow-load ratings that you need to meet, just choose a “certified” structure on our patent-pending custom carport BuildID system (or mention it to one of our Metal Structures Experts when you give us a call!). This carport is generally the same length and width as that of our standard single-car carports but has a taller side height to allow for the differences in height of trucks or vans as opposed to smaller sized cars. Able to be quickly and easily installed, it provides a secure covering for your vehicles and protects against sun, weather (rain, snow hail, etc.), and other undesirable outdoor elements.

Our large-vehicle carport is a great option for employees who drive company trucks or vans that are generally only used for business purposes. Drivers can protect the source of their livelihood with this carport while they are not working, without fear of weather wear or damage. For companies or individuals who need storage space for more than one SUV, truck, or van, we also offer a double-wide version of this carport that provides twice the space of the single-wide metal carport with the same trusted strength and durability.