Our Metal Warehouses


Elephant Structures creates the most reliable metal buildings around.  Our metal warehouses are perfect for any type of commercial storage.  All of our buildings are clear-span structures.  This means that there are no support beams on the interior of the warehouse.  Our innovative bracing and galvanized steel frames do not require any additional support, leaving you with a completely open metal warehouse with optimum storage capabilities.  Our framing is so strong, we can manufacture a 60’ wide building, with no additional interior supports.  You can even add lean-tos for additional storage space, or add interior walls for a multi-use facility.  Our buildings can be anchored against harsh wind and inclement weather, providing the stability and security you need for your warehouse.  Call us today for a quote!

Free Shipping & Metal Warehouses Installation Included With Your Purchase!

Metal Warehouse Features

  • Clear-span interiors for optimum storage
  • Enough space for multiple uses
  • Maintenance-free after initial installation
  • Three roof types
    1. Regular Roof – rounded/arched frame, perfect for the economical buyer
    2. Boxed Eve – sloped roof with horizontal panels for added strength and stability
    3. Vertical – boxed eve roof with vertical panels to facilitate flow of precipitation off of the roof, also has even more durability than boxed eve
  • Optional walk-in doors or windows
  • Multiple sizes of roll-up garage doors for loading, unloading, and restocking inventory
  • Options for open, partially open, or fully enclosed structure
    1. Open area for outdoor products, or ease of access in loading and unloading
    2. Closed area for extra protection
  • Optional lean-tos on sides of building for extra storage space and separation for multiple uses of facility
  • Free delivery and installation
  • Available in several vibrant colors

Product Details

  • Can be custom built at any size
  • 14 gauge galvanized steel framing
  • 29 gauge roof – built to withstand heavy snowfall
  • 3-12 pitch roof
  • Auger anchors available for exceptional wind resistance and structural stability
  • Certification available (needed when a building permit is required)

Great Uses for a Metal Warehouse

  • Commercial storage
  • Raw material storage
  • Distribution center
  • Manufacturing plant
  • Office building
  • Retail storefront
  • Equipment storage
  • Gymnasium
  • Recreational facility
  • Agricultural building
  • Large workshop
  • Auto repair center
  • And more!