Go Green with your Carports and Garages – Use Steel.green-steel-carport

Steel Carports, Garages, and Sheds are the Environmentally Sustainable Choice!

Oftentimes, people will ask why all Carport.com’s products are made of steel. What benefit, besides its obvious strength, does steel offer when it is used in outdoor custom structures? Our favorite answer is, “Sustainability!” That’s right, steel is a sustainable building material. Sure, you may take reusable bags to the grocery store or put your newspapers and cereal boxes at the curb once a week, but what if you could do something even bigger for the environment while ensuring that you receive a quality, affordable custom metal structure that meets your specific needs?

Steel is not just a sustainable building material; it is *the* most sustainable building material available. Each year, more steel is recycled in the United States and Canada than paper, plastic, aluminum and glass combined! Steel is a 100% recyclable building material and can be continuously recyclable, meaning it does not lose integrity when recycled, and it does not need to be “down-cycled”. If that doesn’t scream “recyclable building material” we don’t know what does! In America, anything that you purchase that is made of steel is required to be at least 28% recycled materials, meaning you are already doing your part just by purchasing a steel product!

At Carport.com, we offer a wide variety of different eco-friendly steel building designs. Let’s say that you are interested in building a large barn or garage for your property. You would like your structure to have 1,000 square feet. If your structure were made out of wood, you would have to cut down more than 25 full grown trees to produce the amount of lumber you would need. Alternatively, for that same sized structure, you would need the steel from only THREE scrapped cars (cars that often take up space in junk-yards and landfills). Steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any building material. It’s clear, if you’re looking for a sustainable building material steel is your choice.

All of our products are built with steel roofing, which can last up to 50 years, whereas traditional roofs average a mere 17 years. Many common coatings that can be applied to the roof can also naturally insulate the structure, making it more comfortable to work or play in, and reducing the amount of heating and cooling that you would have to pay for (if you intend to heat or cool your structure).

Recycling old steel saves between 40-75% of the amount of energy needed to produce completely new steel. If you’re looking for green building materials steel is the obvious choice. At Carport.com, we are committed to continually providing carports, carport kits, and steel garages made from sustainable building materials. By choosing steel, you’re saving trees, buying recycled products that can be recycled again, and choosing something that is durable enough to last without having to replace it. How’s that measure up to your eco-friendly reusable coffee cup?

Did you know? Recyclable Steel FAQ

• Each year, more steel is recycled in the US and Canada than paper, plastic, aluminum and glass combined!
• Steel roofing can last up to 50 years.
• Recycling saves 40-75% of the energy needed to produce virgin steel.
• All steel contains a minimum of 28% recycled material, so every time you buy a steel can, car or carport you’re buying recycled!
• Steel is 100% recyclable and continuously recyclable, meaning it will not lose integrity or need to be down-cycled like other materials.
• Wood or steel Carport or Garage? 40 to 50 trees for 2000 square feet building. For steel, the equivalent of 6 scrapped cars.

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