Metal Shelters

Metal shelters are some of the most versatile metal buildings that we offer. Capable of storing anything from livestock to lawn equipment, our metal shelters are an excellent addition to your property. If you need somewhere to park your tractor, lawn mower, or a place to give your livestock a place to feed, our top of the line metal shelters are full of the best steel available. We have certification options as well, in case you live in an area where storms are prevalent. We can certify your shelter in order to make sure your lawn equipment and other property is kept safe from Mother Nature. makes the best metal shelters in the business. Call in today for a free consultation, or shop by photo from the comfort of your couch.

Shelters from High-Quality, Customizable Steel Buildings

Our metal shelters are sturdy, multi-purpose structures built with eco-friendly 14 gauge steel frames. Roofs are available in several styles, including boxed eave, regular, and vertical, and are made with 29 gauge steel materials (just like our paneling).

Customize a horse shelter to your ideal dimensions. Make it double wide for extra space and a roll-up garage for easy access. With weather and sunlight resistance that’s great for protecting your livestock and storing your equipment, these structures make for an ideal horse shelter or other livestock shelter.

Metal shelters also make great car shelters for vehicles of all sizes. Design your car shelter for one, two, or even three cars with your choice of garage door, with or without windows, and heavy-duty auger anchors for added stability and protection.

Protective Metal Shelters for Recreational Use

For those of us who have homes at the mercy of severe seasonal storms, the year-round enjoyment of our homes can seem like a fleeting dream. However, metal shelters provide protection for patio-sized spaces for outdoor enjoyment any time of the year. Metal shelters can function as a picnic shelter, shielding picnic tables, chairs, and other seating furniture for your family to use when the weather is poor.

DIY or Have Us Do It – Free Delivery and Installation

Like all our offerings, our steel shelter structures are available with free delivery and installation or as a DIY building kit. You can enjoy the convenience of having a professional team of builders construct your horse shelter or have the satisfaction of building a picnic shelter yourself — the choice is yours!

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