Arch Buildings

Our Arch buildings are top of the line, manufactured in a 50,000 square-foot facility. They are made with precision standards from the finest heavy-grade commercial steel available, and selling them factory direct means we pass big savings on to you. We are serious about the strength and structural integrity of our arch buildings, and due to this our arch buildings have withstood some of the fiercest hurricanes ever to hit the east coast, including Andrew, Hugo, and Sandy. If you have a dream of owning a woodworking shop, an art studio, a guest cottage, or simply an extra storage building for your property than our building consultants will be happy to help make your dream a reality. Call in for a free consultation now.

Arch Buildings Are Design For Easy DIY Assembly With Household Tools

Arch Buildings Features

  • Five different styles
  1. A Model – Conventional building appearance, roof angles at the peak and has rounded corners
  2. S Model – Straight sides and curved arch roof. Store large equipment & inventory, utilizing all wall and height space
  3. Q Model – Superior strength, durability and economy. Rounded from top to bottom
  4. R Model – A versatile arch structure with one side wall open. Can be added to other arch buildings to create a structure with multiple bays
  5. T Model – Simple arch panel roof system. Straight walls with rounded roof
  • Factory direct means big savings for you
  • 35 year warranty is the best in the industry
  • Super Protection  with U.S. Buildings’ rugged construction and high quality Galvalume steel
  • Custom end walls, match your home and complement your existing surroundings

Arch Buildings Details

    • Designed with a deep corrugated steel panel, each arch measures approximately two feet wide.
    • Precision overlap of the arches places more steel at every critical connection, making for a stronger metal building
    • No beams, posts or trusses, easy construction with maximum efficiency
    • Tough construction creates a durable structure that is virtually weatherproof
    • Fast accurate construction, which in fact will save you time and money

Great Uses for an Arch Building

      • Workshop
      • Home
      • Vehicle Storage
      • Create an office space for your business
      • Great way to get an affordable guest house
      • Airplane Hangar
      • Equipment Storage
      • RV garage

Call For Arch Building Pricing

Give us a call and a representative will be glad to assist you with Arch Building pricing and product information. These buildings can ship direct to your door, but installation is not included. They’re engineered and designed for easy DIY assembly with household tools making them the perfect building kit. You can also general labor locally to help or assist you with installation, a detailed and easy-to-understand installation guide is included with every order.