Metal building kits, metal carports, and garages are made of the same quality material as our other structures — they’re simply cut and manufactured so you can install them yourself. You can pick them up at our factory, but we also offer free delivery. They come with the appropriate amount of paneling and beams to ensure your structure is no different than one we would install. Metal building kits are a great way to take a hands on approach to your buildings. If you want to perform a custom installation on un-level ground (we don’t install on ground that is not level) then our kit buildings are the way to go. We want to give you the option to get the building that you want, and if that means you want to construct it yourself we are happy to oblige.

Everything You Need for a Sturdy Structure

Taking on the task of building your very own structure is easy with a DIY building kit from Elephant Structures. Each kit includes all the necessary materials you need to construct your metal building. 14 gauge steel beams form the sturdy frame that you construct, which is then fitted with panel sheets and roofing made from 29 gauge steel. Our DIY metal buildings kits also include any windows, garage doors, and walk-in doors you order, so you can freely customize to your needs.

All the advantages of a metal building from are offered with our kits. With DIY metal building kits, the only difference is that you get the satisfaction of building your structure all by yourself!

Explore the Possibilities with Metal Building Kits

Like our other quality products, our DIY metal building kits can provide you with a structure for your desired use. Large or small metal building kits are available for structures of varying dimensions. You can choose from two and three car garages, single and triple wide carports, and many more options. You can even design and build your own home gym, workshop, or storefront — our kits can help you build your ideal space.

Simply begin customizing one of the products below and choose the ideal width and height of your structure. Choose a roofing style, as well as a color choice, and place your order. Whatever style of building you end up choosing, you’ll be able to build a versatile storage space for your vehicles or equipment.

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