Eco-Friendly Steel Top 4 Reasons You Should Have a Steel Building

Top 4 Reasons to Go with an Eco-Friendly Steel Building

Are Steel Buildings Environmentally Friendly?

Anyone who has tackled a home improvement project will tell you that selecting your materials is crucial to the quality of your build. Often this leads people who are environmentally aware to consider and research their options. The good news is that we’ve done the research for you. If you’re looking to tackle a home addition project in the form of an outdoor structure such as a metal carport or storage shed, the choice is simple. Go green with eco-friendly steel buildings.

From the beginning of the process all the way to the completion of the final build, it’s clear that steel is the eco-friendly building material that will stand the test of time.

Production Emissions

Like any other manufacturing process, steel has undergone some upgrades in the production cycle. Developments in industrial technologies have helped production not only increase in capacity, but the emissions problems have also been optimized to make the process an eco-friendly one. The “Scientific American” wrote an article in 2013, describing cleaner methods for extracting iron from ore using a liquid electrolyte solution. This helped reduce emissions and the water that is used is recycled after use.


The construction process can be another area that eco-conscious builders consider when choosing building materials for their projects. There is a lot of energy consumption that goes into the construction process. From construction workers commuting to work, to heavy machinery being run for hours at a time; luckily, steel buildings have started to have pre-fabricated components that allow for quicker build times and lower energy consumption on the job site. This process also reduces the amount of product wasted during the build.
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Things decay or go bad over time and any time a replacement or a repair is made some form of energy consumption goes into that. The good news is that using steel in your build is an easy way to mitigate some of your worries about how long something will last. Steel is an eco-friendly building material because it is one that requires less renovations and repairs than almost any other material. Because steel is so sturdy it also helps with buildings structural integrity (so long as build plans were followed and planned correctly).

Reducing Your Energy Bill

Thanks to steel’s strength and durability you’ll be able to save on heating and cooling costs for your structure. For those of you building something like one of our steel barns or sheds, steel’s strength can hang and hold thicker layers of insulation. Keeping your building well insulated will help reduce your energy consumption and you’ll save on energy costs.

Bonus – Steel can be recycled!

North America recycles steel more than any other material, including paper, plastic, aluminum, and glass combined. Our country has a long history with steel, and we have made efforts to ensure that it is a legacy that endures and leaves a better home for our children.

Recycling steel helps conserve the raw materials used to create this strong substance, which include iron, coal, and limestone. If you do decide to remodel your steel building, rest assured that the steel used to build it can be recycled. Recycling steel also keeps it out of landfills, putting these materials back into use for a wide range of applications.

Truly eco-friendly building materials are hard to come by, but not impossible. It’s pretty clear that if someone asks, “is steel eco-friendly?” The answer is a resounding yes!. It’s one of the reasons why we at use steel in our carports, lean-tos, garages and other metal building products. Not only do you get the strength and longevity that any builder would be proud of, you also get the peace of mind knowing that your metal building or shed is not going to put a burden on the environment, but you may save some money along the way.

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