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Car Covers Built with Solid Steel

 Are you really going to rely on a $20 flimsy sheet of plastic to protect a $20,000 vehicle?

Americans love their cars. So much so that cars have become an extension of their owner’s personality. You know how they say people look just like their pets? Cars are the same way. And your car is reliable. It gets you to work on time everyday. It helps you put food on the table. But your car makes life fun too. It brings you complete freedom to go wherever you want.  It takes you on adventures, conquers every bump in the road, and brings you home safely at the end of the day. Cars take your kids to school, they pick up your date on Valentines Day, they drive you away on your honeymoon.

So why would anyone leave their car in a thunderstorm under a sheet of plastic? Why do they expose it to ice, snow, high winds, and street traffic? Don’t they respect their vehicle more than that- or at least, respect the $15,000+ that they paid for it? It’s not logical, it’s not moral- it’s just not right!

Elephant Car Covers – Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Carports

car covers
Elephant car covers protect your cars, boats, RVs, and 4x4s from ice damage, aerial objects in windstorms, and out of control drivers on the street. Do you really trust a sheet of plastic? No, but you can trust heavy duty 14 guage steel walls.


Elephant Car Covers are affordable, adaptable, and custom made to fit any vehicle and in any US climate.  All models are customized to your design and strength preferences online, manufactured by the technicians in our North Carolina factory, and delivered and installed by our crew right in your backyard. We build for customers all across the US, so whether you need a carport to anchor into beach sand or to last through a mountaintop blizzard without a budge, we’ve got the experience and the know-how to keep you covered. Our certified steel carports can even be certified to meet winds up to 150mph and to carry snow weight of up to 60 lb/ft²!

All our steel car covers are designed by you- using our online builder application. Try it! It’s fun and free to make as many designs as you like.

We even built an online car sizer, a search tool for vehicle dimensions based on make and model. This database helps you plan a carport, garage, or car cover that’s big enough to fit your car, your spouse’s boat, your kids’ atvs, and the family RV. Car Covers Protect your Most Valuable Investments from Natural and Human Forces with Strong Steel and Precise Engineering. Call Us today, and tell us how we can take care of that which is most important to you!

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