All Elephant Structures are built to the highest quality standards and include a wide-range of options to meet the needs of our customers:

Double Galvanized Steel Frames
2 ¼” 12 Gauge Leg (additional warranty included) or 2 ½” 14 Gauge Leg options. Legs are square tubing that elevate the top portion of the carport. Standard lengths vary by gauge; however, the leg height starts at 5 feet for 14 Gauge and 6 feet for 12 Gauge structures. 12 Gauge is slightly thicker and stronger.

Siding and Roof Material
29 Gauge Galvanized Sheet Metal Roof and Sides with Baked Enamel (multiple color options)

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Anchoring Options
Concrete Screws, Lag Bolts for installation over wood applications, Rebar, and optional Auger Anchors available. Auger Anchors, also commonly referred to as mobile home anchors, are included in certified installations. You may wish to purchase additional anchors. If a certified structure is not purchased, customer will need to purchase four auger anchors on buildings with exactly three sides enclosed.

Optional Doors and Windows
Roll-up Garage Doors (sizes available from 6′ wide to 10′ wide and 7′ high to 10′ high), Walk In Doors (34″ x 72″), and Windows (30″ x 30″) available. All doors are white and include trim. The trim color will match your selection.

All Elephant Structures are designed and verified by a certified engineer to meet or exceed wind and snow load standards in most localities. A certified structure includes drawings and additional installation services.

Leg / Tubing
These terms refer to the individual parts of the metal skeleton of the carport. There are two different metal gauges for each.

Metal Gauge
This refers to the thickness of the metal used in your carport. Typically, the lower the gauge, the stronger the metal. Roofing, siding, and trim use a standard gauge metal. Customers have the option of 12 or 14 gauge for legs and tubing. Regardless of the option you select, it is important to note that both options are certified. However, the 12 gauge includes an additional 20 year limited warranty.