Frequently Ask Questions About Carports

What carport height should I order?

When ordering, it is important to note that the height is defined as the lowest point near the sides of the carport. If you need a specific clearance for your RV, car, boat, or anything else you store under the carport, garage, or barn, please verify that requirement before ordering. As an example, if you order a 12′ wide structure with 5′ side wall leg heights, the center clearance will be 7’3″ and the peak height will be 7’9”. Note, the peak height is not the clearance for a vehicle; it is simply the highest point of the structure. The clearance for your vehicle is typically the height of the side legs.

How to calculate the peak height and center clearance of carports and metal buildings.

Can I change my order?

It depends on the production stage of your order. Please email us at or call our customer service department at (828-355-7120). We will make every effort to modify your order. Please note, additional costs may be required along with an additional non-refundable deposit and return fee, if applicable.

How do I update my customer information?

If you would like to remain connected with Elephant Structures and your information has changed, please sign up again on our site and provide us with your new information. Otherwise, if you have a previous e-newsletter, customers have the option of modifying their own information by clicking on the Change Contact Information link on the bottom of the email.

What do I need to do to my site to make it ready for the day of the install?

In order to provide you with the highest quality carport at the lowest installed price, please make sure that the location of the carport is ready before the installers arrive. The surface should be flat and accessible with all building permits including, but not limited to, homeowners association approvals and county or city set-back restrictions. Flooring is not included in our prices.

If I want to install the metal structure myself, do you have metal carport kits?

Yes, we do have carport kits if you are a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) homeowner. Simply give Elephant Structures at a call at (855) 227-7678 and ask about our Self-installation kits for the best, most durable, and easiest to construct building in the nation! How can you top that? We also offer the fastest delivery. Call Now.

How do I use the Refer-a-Friend option?

Refer-a-Friend is fun, easy and a great way to make some extra money. Click on the Refer-a-Friend link and follow the simple form. If your friend purchases a carport after being referred to us, you’ll earn a reward. Refer-a-Friend is limited to current and Elephant Structures customers.

What are the standard sizes available for carports?

Sizes vary by structure. Feel free to check the “Build a Carport” page to see all the options available. Our builder is limited to 30′ wide; however, we do have the capability of going up to 100′ wide. If you have a special request that is not available on the Build a Carport page, please contact us at (855) CAR-PORT.

What is the difference between 12 gauge – 2 ¼” galvanized steel legs and 14 gauge – 2 ½” galvanized steel legs?

While lower gauge steel is thicker, all of our gauge options can be certified. However, 12 gauge provides additional warranty protection and, if needed, higher ratings for snow and wind. 14 gauge is the standard galvanized frame option.

What anchoring options are available for my carport?

All pricing includes installation and anchoring:

Rebar is used when installing a carport over gravel or dirt. Concrete lag bolts are used to install on cement.

Concrete Screws are used when installing a carport over concrete pads or footers.

Auger Anchors are sold as an option and may be required when installing a carport over gravel or dirt. If you have a three-sided building, you must select these anchors. You may purchase additional auger anchors, also commonly referred to as mobile home anchors.

Anchors should be placed on each corner or every 10 feet depending on the location.

What is the typical length of time to install a carport once an order is placed?

The majority of our orders are installed in less than six (6) weeks, and it is rare for a building to take more than sixty (60) days to be installed and delivered. For more information click here.

What is the roof pitch of a metal structure?

3-12 roof pitch is standard. Call us to get a quote on a custom pitch or check out the estimated peak height chart.

How many legs, per side, are installed on carports, garages, and barns?

Most carports require 4 feet to 5 feet between frame legs. The actual distance is determined by a certified engineer and may not be specified by the customer. If you are installing multiple garage doors, there must be 2′ between each and the corners. For example, if you want two (2) 8’x8′ garage doors on the front of the carport, you will need to order a 22′ wide carport to accommodate the doors. If you want two (2) 6’x6′ garage doors on the front of the building, you will need to order an 18′ wide carport.

How secure is my personal information?

Your personal information is very secure. Elephant Structures uses Starfield SSL to protect data as it is sent over the internet. We never store your credit card information. All credit card orders are passed to our merchant processor.

Can I lock in my price?

Yes, when you place your order and make your deposit, we will let you delay the delivery & installation of your order for up to six (6) months.

What is the standard Warranty?

Standard 14 gauge structures come with a 30 day workmanship warranty. Certified 12 gauge structures include the standard 30 day workmanship warranty and an additional 20 year warranty against rust through the frame.

How do I get a custom quote? I’m having difficulty building exactly what I need on the Carport Builder

While our builder is a great tool to design a standard carport, barn, or metal garage, we understand that custom sizes are extremely important. Our buildings can expand to 100 feet wide and as long as your needs require. Click on Custom Building Quote to fill out a few details and we will provide you with a custom quote within hours. Please note, if you are using the builder and do not see a price, you have have missed entering a zip code. If you skip that step, we can’t give you a price because we don’t know what state you want the carport installed in.

Where can I get a promotion or coupon code?

After designing your custom Elephant Structures and clicking on the Add to Cart button, your price will automatically reflect any promotions or discounts available. There is no need to search other coupon websites. All and Elephant Structures discounts and promotions are detailed on our Coupon page.

How do I opt-out of email communication?

On the bottom of all promotional or newsletter emails from Elephant Structures, you may follow the instructions to unsubscribe or click on the Unsubscribe button, if available.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, in most cases you may cancel your order within three (3) days by emailing us at or by calling our customer service department at (828) 355-7120. Please note, because of the costs involved with processing and preparing your order, your deposit is non-refundable and will not be returned, but please read complete Terms & Conditions with your order.