Metal RV Carports and Covers

RVs are a life-goal for many of us. Traveling the open road is a fantastic experience, and not being tethered down makes that experience all the more worth living. If your RV gets damaged from a passing storm in between trips, the results can be devastating both to your wallet and to your future endeavors. That’s where our RV carports and covers come in. RV carports and covers are tall metal structures, sometimes with overhangs on the sides (depending on your preference) that keep your RV safe from debris like falling branches or even trees. RV carport covers can help you keep the dream alive.

Customizable RV Carports and Covers

RVs have a singular purpose — to help us wind down, relax, and leave our troubles at home. However, how we store our RVs varies from person to person. Customers like you require a range of RV shelter customization options, and is equipped to provide you with the means to protect your investment.

The basic design for each RV shelter is the same — a long, covered structure for easy parking — but our structures can accommodate the huge variety of vehicles on the market. Choose from metal RV carports as long as 61’ and as wide as 40’ for extra large RVs, or even 21’ and 26’ RV carports and covers for motorhomes or trailers. You can order the sides of your RV shelter to be along the top or bottom or even fully enclosed for complete protection against the elements.

Many customers choose to use 12 gauge steel frames for their RV carports and covers for added durability. The choice is yours when it comes to protecting your RV!

Quality Materials and Easy Installation

Ordering from ensures your building will be long-lasting and will have an easy installation. We deliver and install all our structures, which includes our metal RV carports, for free. All materials and setup are on us, so you can start enjoying the conveniences of your structure immediately, right before you hit the open road.

Want to build it yourself? You can customize your own structure with our RV carport kits. These kits include all the structural materials necessary for constructing your own quality RV shelt

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