Safe Rooms, Storm Shelters, Gun Safes & Life Safety Solution

We offer a wide variety of safe rooms and all of ours are made with 1/4” solid plate steel. When we say we have a variety of shelters we truly mean it, not only in terms of size (small enough for your immediate family, or big enough to bring the extended family and the neighborhood, or roughly 100 people), but also in function. We have panic rooms, tornado shelters and our steel safe rooms are quality-made to ensure your safety. Our metal buildings are hand welded, and come with multi-locking doors for maximum protection. Safe Rooms can be built into your home plans as a basement or anywhere in your home. Also, they can be built apart from any structure, as an outside space on a concrete pad. Our safe rooms exist to protect you and your loved ones from intruders and natural disasters. Don’t wait for the worst, prepare for it.

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Safe Room Features

  • Three unique safe room options
    • Safe/Panic Rooms – Different models available, solid weld and bolt together
    • Storm Shelters – We understand that different locations have different concerns. Our storm shelters can be build both above and below ground
    • Underground Bunker – This type of safe room, which is completely underground and reinforced, allows small or large groups maintain their living arrangements and quality of life. Already have a house? Not to worry, our safe rooms can be added to existing homes with proper planning.
  • Custom engineering – offers pre-designed safe rooms, but if you have something else in mind our engineering team can help you make a metal safe room to your exact specifications.
  • Designed to meet your needs:
    • Above ground and below ground options
    • 1/4″ inch solid plate steel
    • Gives you unparalleled peace of mind

Product Details

  • Our metal safe rooms are built to your specifications; you are in control and choose the dimensions.
  • 1/4″ solid plate steel
  • Underground bunkers can include full living living accommodations
  • Customizability is top priority to ensure your preparedness in every way
  • Built into your home with the proper planning and coordination with engineers, allows for easy access and quick protection in case of emergency
  • We build a large variety of sizes, and have many options for each

Great Uses for a Safe Room

  • Protection from Natural Disasters
  • Protection from burglars and intruders
  • Can fit however many people you require
  • Use it as an extension on your house, or a room in your basement
  • Protect your expensive valuables by leaving them inside
  • Engineers happy to help design custom rooms
  • Being prepared for anything
  • And more!

We take pride in protecting our customers with the utmost diligence and reliability possible. Our safe rooms are built to withstand storms, and can be reinforced depending upon your need for extreme durability. At, your safety matters to us, and so does your satisfaction.