Carports in North Carolina

Carports in North Carolina

Carports in North Carolina
Why choose a steel addition to your home? Against time and the elements, an Elephant Structure will always hold up better.

Get free installation and delivery when you order from our factory, right in our home state of North Carolina. We provide all the benefits of contracting a garage addition to your home without the costs and hassles.  Our online Carport builder allows you to customize your carport from a long list of options. Go with open air design, or choose colored steel siding to build a covered garage onto the side of your house.  Design the exact carport you need with our online builder for durable, multifunctional carports in North Carolina.

Protect your Investments from the Weather, Get the Strength of Steel Carports in North Carolina!

Why build pole barns that won’t even last a few decades? Build a steel structure that will last wind, rain, sleet, and even, carports in North Carolina can come in handy in the case of a zombie apocalypse (see previous link for details).  Invest in steel’s durability to protect your tools, vehicles and equipment. Have the mindfulness to protect your investments with a structure that will last the ages.

Steel structures are immune to the weaknesses that wooden structures fall victim to. Our triple sealed galvanized steel is impossible to fall subject to rot and weakness as a result of rodent infestations. The paint on our structures come with three decades of assurance that it won’t peel or crack. You won’t have to worry about rust, and your carport can be easily washed to a brand new shine with a garden hose.

All our carports are made in our NC factory, manufactured and shipped direct to you. Support an American company that employs NC expert engineers and sales representatives.

To learn more about Elephant structures, and our carports in North Carolina, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We’re always happy to hear from our NC fans and customers!

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