Why Go for a Metal Garage Instead of a Traditional?

If you currently own a garage and are thinking about remodeling or replacing it, then we’ve got some information to help you in your decision. If you don’t have a garage at all, this article will explain why it’s useful to have a metal garage instead of a traditional one. When you are thinking about the type of garage to best suit your needs, most people assume the traditional method of attaching a simple building to your house is the way to go. However, metal garages, carports, and barns have several deciding factors that put them above traditional garages. Some of these benefits are touched on in this article, but there are still some we did not have time to mention. If you have questions, be sure to check out our other articles, or speak to a building advisor by calling in today. 

Metal man cave with one garage door, one walk-in, and one window.

Affordability of Metal Garages

Everyone likes to save money, and when it comes to Metal Garages you can end up saving a ton of money in different ways. Metal garages can be extremely affordable and even better quality than wooden or traditional garages. One of  the first (and most obvious) reasons why metal garages are more affordable and better to purchase is the material itself. Wood rots, is subject to termites, and is generally more expensive to construct through an independent contractor. Metal garages don’t decay or burn, and have an incredibly long lifespan if maintained correctly. We also offer free delivery and installation with every building, but if you want to install the building yourself we provide all of the necessary materials and instructions on how to construct our prefabricated buildings. 

Ridgeline barn used as a metal barn workshop with two garage doors and one man door.


When you add a wooden garage structure onto your home in the traditional way, you are limiting your options for the future. The versatility and adaptability of custom metal garages has made them some extremely popular among customers searching for an additional structure with a wide variety of options. Anywhere you have a level surface, on almost any material, you can build a metal garage.  Our structures are highly customizable, and it is important to consider this in where you want to put your garage in relation to vehicle access on your property. You can leave sides open if they do not need to be enclosed, or design the building in a more convenient way. We suggest using our builder in order to get an idea of the customization options. If you decide you want to move or sell your house, you cannot take an attached wooden garage with you. With a metal structure, simply transport it and reconstruct it on your new property. Here, affordability comes back in to play. Buy a metal structure, maintain it, and you can keep it for years. 


Security and Satisfaction

Our buildings have the capability to be certified and commercialized, which will grant you more security in your building and peace of mind during severe weather. All garages are built to be capable of withstanding inclement weather, and come with a 20 year rust-through guarantee. If you are planning on installing a wooden building as a garage then there are no guarantees, and if you are not knowledgeable about wooden construction methods then you are entering world that is generally viable but also at times riddled with issues. Termites, warping, rotting, cracking, molding, and insects can all be an issue in wooden garages, not to mention how difficult cleaning can be. Steel garages are easier to clean than the alternatives, and with a bit of maintenance and paint your building can look like new for years to come. With a bit of non-corrosive cleaning solution, you can keep your paneling and legs completely clean and free from damage. You do not need to coat the interior of steel garages to keep mildew and mold from accumulating over time, it simply doesn’t happen to steel garages.  For more information about building maintenance, check out our article about cleaning your building.

The only way to ensure that your car is protected is to make sure that it is shielded by a metal structure, like a carport or garage. Lucky for you, we sell both! If you don’t have one, then there is not much you can do to make sure your vehicle will not be damaged. Elephant Structures’ carports and garages offer the best defense against Mother Nature. It is a cheap way to ensure that your car will not get damaged and start to lose value. With durable metal panels, cars and other stored items are totally protected from the elements. Our buildings are also aesthetically pleasing and completely customizable. You can choose which gauge, color, and design you want to make your structure. Depending on what best suits your needs, you can decide whether you want a completely enclosed space or a partially open one with a metal awning to protect your vehicle. The carports are extremely durable as well. They stand up to extreme weather and protect your car from the sun. There’s even an online interface where you can build your own carport virtually. When you are done, all you have to do is pay a small deposit online and submit your order. Keeping your car protected from nature is extremely important when considering its value over time. When left without shelter, cars are vulnerable. You run the risk of suffering accidental damages to the car and decreasing its value.



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