Metal Carports: The Ingredients for Superior Carport Designs

Metal Carports: The Ingredients for Superior Carport Designs

There are a lot of places to buy metal carports, so why order online from Elephant Structures? Because we’re the only company that makes metal carports direct from customers’ superior carport designs.

Metal Carports Superior Carport Designs
Your plan is the secret ingredient that makes Superior Carport Designs.

What makes our carports different than others? It’s their sleek, flawless appearance, yes, but most of all it’s their custom design.

Elephant Structures uses cool technology to manufacture carports the designs that you make online. It’s an awesome custom delivery system, a bit like a large scale 3D printer for metal carports.

Picture the carport buying process like this. Step 1: Make a virtual plan of exactly what you want with our online builder. Step 2: Send it in to our factory. Step 3: In a few weeks time, we’ll deliver a package with all the parts of your carport ready to assemble on your doorstep. We’ll even put it to together for you, anchoring it concrete, dirt or gravel according to your preference at no extra cost to you. Delivery and installation are free, included in the price of your order!

 Your design + our expert manufacturing = Superior metal carports. It’s that key ingredient, your custom design, that makes our carports better, and more valuable to you, than those of our competitors.

There are, of course, many other ingredients that go into your carport. In addition to the material we use, triple sealed galvanized steel for optimized rust protect, your superior metal carport design is made with the expertise of our technicians. All our structures are made local. Get the quality of American manufacturing with a metal carport or garage direct from our North Carolina factory.

How can metal carports benefit you- not just the onlookers? Superior carport designs increase the value of your home and protect that of your vehicles.

Where there’s beauty, there’s value. That may sound superficial, but the truth in Real Estate is that the sleek style of your metal carport will have a critical impact on the value of your home. Home buying is a demand based business. When putting your home on the market, buyers will be attracted by the utility of a covered garage or carport, but they’ll only want the garage if it looks great next to the house. Truly superior carport designs will match the home they’re attached to in color and style. This design element is key when building a garage to increase property value. You’ll get the optimum overlap of design and function when you craft a metal carport design on and trust Elephant Structures to build it right.

To learn more about our company, or to see more about our customers’ superior carport designs, check us out on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We’d love to hear what you think of our metal carports, so fans, inquirers, or critics, feel free to speak your mind!




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