12x21 Single Wide Metal Carport

A Steel Carport Protects Your Car from UV Rays

Living in warm climates provides you the ability to enjoy nice sunny days and warmer weather more often than your neighbors to the north. While you may not need a garage to park your vehicle in, you will still want to consider getting a steel carport to protect your vehicle from the strong UV rays from the sun and keep your vehicle from getting hot inside when the windows are closed up all day.

A Steel Carport is Stronger than a Wooden Carport

Carports can be built from different materials including steel and wood. A wooden carport may be less expensive, but you will have to replace this structure more frequently as wood will deteriorate over time and can be prone to insect infestations. A steel carport, on the other hand, is more durable and stronger than wood and designed to last a long time. You can custom build your own carport online at Carport.com.

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