Elephant Structures values your business, and wants you to know that we take getting your building to you very seriously.

The majority of our orders are installed in less than 6 weeks, and it is rare for a building to take more than 60 days to be delivered and installed.

We are not a “WalMart” or an “Amazon.com,” however; this means that we do not ship structures via UPS or FedEx. The crew that will be installing the structure will also deliver the structure at the same time. As well, almost every building requires custom manufacturing, combinations, or installation.

While other companies may make empty promises about a generic period of time on every order, we do make two very clear and straight-forward guarantees:

If we are outside of the installation time-frame from the T&C for your order as of the date that you notify us that you are ready for installation, we will either take 10% off your order for you or refund your deposit, your choice.

We are the only company that offers installation included with every order that publicly posts our timing from the previous 3 months on our website. From the date that the customer indicated that installation was possible (From permits being pulled to the concrete being cured), our delivery and installation times for the previous 3 months (Aug, Sept, Oct 2011) were as follows:

1 to 4 weeks : 33%
4 to 6 weeks : 48%
6 weeks to 8 weeks : 14%
8 weeks to 90 days : 5%
90 days+ : <1%

What this means is that over 80% of our orders were installed in 6 weeks or less, and 95% of our orders were installed in 8 weeks or less. We did see a slight bump in the number of orders that took longer than 8 weeks last month, which rose to 5% of orders, but we still had less than 1% of orders that took more than 3 months, including all custom orders and 10,000+ square foot buildings! Of course, any installations that took longer than the amount of time promised in our T&C were offered 10% off of their order for the inconvenience, even if the weather was the cause of the delay.

While we make every effort to have tens of thousands of orders delivered and installed as quickly as possible each year, there are occasions where installation can take longer than normal. Timing to your installation can depend on many factors, including but not limited to:
1) The weather (Working on metal buildings in the rain or thunderstorms can be dangerous, and even illegal in some cases.);
2) Your location and its distance from interstate corridors or large cities;
3) Holidays or special events.

What you can do to help get your new structure as quickly as possible:
1) Provide multiple phone numbers when placing your order, as the scheduling department will need verbal confirmation before placing your order on a run for a specific date.
2) If you do have special requirements for delivery (Only certain days available, remote location, etc), please address these issues before placing an order, and only those requests that are in writing and agreed to before placing an order can be honored.

If you do need something very quickly, we do have options for you that can be shipped via commercial carriers that are different from our standard product line. You can contact us to find out more about these options, but they currently cannot be ordered directly online.

If you need a specific delivery window we are happy to help on large, multi-unit or special-order sizes, but please understand that any window must be agreed to in writing prior to placing your order. This option is not available on orders less than $10,000 (The minimum required to complete a freight load to a single location).