If you need solid, quality protection for your property, but don’t want to spend a fortune in construction costs than the Deluxe Steel Garage option is for you. Our highly customizable deluxe steel garages are one of a kind in quality and strength, and are sure to meet your storage needs.

Deluxe Steel Garage

Are you in need of a one car garage that does more than just shelter your car and belongings? Are you concerned with style, perhaps wanting to match your garage to your home for added value and curb appeal? The Deluxe One Car Garage by Elephant Structures may be the perfect solution. You will be able to easily and securely park a single car or store lawnmowers, ATVs, or tools and yard supplies in this deluxe garage without having to worry about the threat of expensive damage and costly cosmetic repairs, while also adding an attractive, property-value-boosting structure to your home.

Boasting a finished and sealed, vertically paneled A-frame roof, the deluxe version sets itself apart from its standard counterpart by including gabled ends for better support and added charm. It comes complete with options for windows and walk-in doors, and is equipped with a rolling metal door that can either be mechanical or electrical depending on your own personal preferences and budget. Designed with homeowners in mind, our deluxe garages have been created to match the exteriors of the average house, and great care in design has been taken to ensure that your new steel garage will increase your property value rather than work against it.

Deluxe one car steel garage with roll up garage doors and one walk in door.

Purchasing a Deluxe Steel Garage

The Deluxe One Car Garage by Elephant Structures is made completely of galvanized steel. The galvanization ensures that your structure will be completely rust-free and weatherproof for the life of your building. Unlike similar products that are made of wood, galvanized steel is also impervious to rotting, weakening, termites and other pests. With the option to insulate, your garage will also be safeguarded against extreme cold and heat and will maintain its usefulness year-round. All of our covers, carports, garages, barns and other metal structures come with FREE delivery and installation and your choice of twelve different steel colors. If you need a building permit or have specific wind or snow-load ratings that you need to meet, just choose a “certified” structure on our patent-pending custom carport BuildID system if you’re buying online, or be sure to express your specific needs to the customer service representative who walks you through your phone order.