Owning an RV or a Motorcoach is the dream of so many people. Traveling the country, seeing everything they’ve always wanted to see but didn’t have the time for before. So shouldn’t storing and protecting an RV or a Motorcoach be a dream as well? That’s where we come in. Elephant structures Motorcoach and RV garages are top of the line deluxe yet affordable structures. Our garages are highly customizable, and if the website builder does not meet your request call in for a free consluation today!

RV and Motorcoach Garages

Your RV is a second home. You spend countless hours on the road depending on your RV to keep you safe and comfortable. Shouldn’t you ensure that, during those times that you are not on the road, your RV is safe and comfortable as well? Storing your RV in a storage facility can be costly, and it does not allow you ease of access if you want to do maintenance or spend time in it. Parking your RV in your driveway can be dangerous, as it is exposed to potentially harmful weather and other unforeseen outdoor elements. That’s all true, but what other option do I have? Consider investing in an Elephant Structures Steel RV Garage.

RV metal garage with white sides and ends, and red trim.

Purchasing RV and Motorcoach Garages

Our fully enclosed RV garages are made entirely of galvanized steel, meaning you can rest easy knowing that your structure is completely weatherproof (sleet, hail, snow, wind, rain, etc.) and rust proof. An RV Garage is perfect for the RV owner that loves to keep their motor coach near their home for spur-of-the-moment vacations, convenient self-maintenance, or simply the peace of mind of being able to see your vehicle whenever you want to. All of our garages, carports, barns and other steel structures come with FREE delivery and installation and your choice of twelve different steel colors. If you need a building permit or have specific wind or snow-load ratings that you need to meet, just choose a “certified” structure on our patent-pending custom carport BuildID system if you’re buying online, or be sure to express your specific needs to the customer service representative who walks you through your phone order.