Do you enjoy time outdoors with the family, but find yourself constantly planning around the weather? Maybe you want to have a picnic and bond with your loved ones no matter the circumstances. Take a look at our picnic shelters if you want an affordable method for protecting your family gatherings for the elements. Call in today for a free consultation from one of our building experts. Our highly customizable picnic shelters can fit all your outdoor dining needs.

Picnic Shelter

Whether you’re a home owner looking for a better way to have picnics in the rain or you’re a business owner looking to give your employees and customers a place to enjoy the outdoors in shelter from the weather, Elephant Structure’s picnic shelters are an affordable quality method for adding a protected outside area. You can be sure you’re steel picnic shelter will hold up to the test of time, as our quality installation and manufacturing processes ensure a structurally sound yet stylish building.

Carport Pavilion picnic shelter designed metal carport.

Elephant Structures Picnic Shelters are made completely of galvanized steel, ensuring that no matter what the weather (hail, snow, sleet, rain, extreme sun, etc.) you will be protected. Because our structures are made of steel, they are incredibly durable, most likely able to outlast the life of your picnic tables and serve your business for years to come. Because our structures can be designed to fit your size requirements, not only could this structure be a protected place to house a picnic area, but it could also be a space for extra storage of tools or supplies that are best stored out of doors. We will be happy to create a structure for you that will allow ample space for your outdoor dining with added room for any other possessions or work-related gear that you may want to store there.