Owning a motorcycle is about having a connection with the road, and taking care of your bike with care and precision. If you want the utmost protection, than consider the Motorcycle Garage from Elephant Structures. The motorcycle garage is a fully enclosed building that is guaranteed to protect your bike, and keep the dream of the open ride a live. Weather can be tough on a finely tuned machine, so be tough about protecting your motorcycle. Call in for a free consultation and quote today!

Motorcycle Garage & Storage Buildings

Just because motorcycles are smaller than cars does not mean they don’t warrant a garage! The motorcycle owner with foresight knows that flimsy cloth motorcycle covers will not protect their bike in case of extreme hail, snow, ice, or falling debris. Expensive damage can put your motorcycle out of commission, and for the owner that depends on their bike as their main form of transportation, that just isn’t an option. Consider investing in an affordable Elephant Structures Steel Motorcycle Garage for heightened safety and security of your motorcycle. Unlike cars and trucks that have built in basic protection in the form of roofs, windows and doors, motorcycles are unique in being exposed and more at risk of damage to crucial parts. With a custom built metal garage, your bike will be kept safe and sheltered no matter what the circumstances.

Design Your Motorcycle Garage Now

Design and price a metal garage to store and protect your motorcycle investment.

Metal motorcycle garage with red walls and white roll-up garage door.

Purchasing A Motorcycle Garage

Our motorcycle garages are made completely of galvanized steel, meaning they are impervious to weather damage (think about the damage that hail and ice can cause!), rust, termites, rotting, and other issues that are commonly found in structures built from wood and similar materials (at a fraction of the cost of wooden structures!). Our specialized motorcycle garage is a perfect fit for the individual that needs a spacious shelter for their motorcycle. As with all of our garages, insulation can easily be added for an added layer of protection from weather conditions. All of our garages, carports, barns and other steel structures come with FREE delivery and installation and your choice of twelve different steel colors. If you need a building permit or have specific wind or snow-load ratings that you need to meet, just choose a “certified” structure on our patent-pending custom carport BuildID system if you’re buying online, or be sure to express your specific needs to the customer service representative who walks you through your phone order.