Alligator sitting on a rock, invasive species can be combated with garages.

15 ft Gator in Florida Second Sighting, Garages May Help Fight Invasive Species

The first sighting of the 15 ft alligator was just last week at a golf course in Palmetto, Florida. Gators are no rare sighting in the sunshine state, but one of this size is record breaking. The previous record was at 14.4 ft, but specialists have confirmed that this one is around 15 ft from the videos. There was speculation at first that the alligator was fake – its large size coupled with its rarity caused some people to suggest that it was really two men in an alligator suit. The video below provided a better perspective and allowed scientists to confirm that it was authentic. Gators are not technically an invasive species, but there are many animals in Florida that can be a nuisance or even dangerous to the population. Below is the most recent video of the 15 ft gator, as well as a list of some of the most dangerous invasive species in Florida. Having a metal shelter or garage can help eliminate opportunities for invasive species to form a habitat on your property. Your car, or the overhang that you park your car underneath, are perfect spots for these cold-blooded animals to get out of the sun. Having a fully enclosed metal building will protect your property and storage area from snakes, gators, feral cats, and wild boars.

The Burmese Python

snake-ball-python-python-regius-beauty-39661-largeThe Burmese Python is one of the most noteworthy invasive species in Florida, and it’s origin story is an interesting one. Hurricane Andrew hit Southern Florida in 1992, and one of the places that it destroyed was a breeding facility 4 miles from the everglades. The breeding facility was full of pythons that were laying eggs regularly, and they were located right near an extremely suitable habitat. Now, wilderness experts believe there could be a many as 180,000 pythons in Florida. In 2013, a 14 foot python was found in someone’s backyard, requiring a team of 4 people to retrieve it. A python is definitely not something you want anywhere near your house, especially if you have young children.

The Nile Monitor

pexels-photo-46310Nile monitor lizards are so invasive that the state of Florida is trying to eradicate them entirely. They are omnivorous and are a threat to a great number of species native to Florida, as well as anyone who gets too close. They are breeding in a canal near West Palm Beach, and several have been spotted in residential areas feeding off pets. There have been sightings in dog parks, and even inside someone’s home. The lizard got in through a doggy door and walked through a woman’s kitchen like it owned the place! It is widely thought that this is another species that is running rampant due to neglectful and irresponsible pet owners releasing the species when they become too tedious to take care of.

Wild Hogs

boar-1033870_1920Wild hogs are highly invasive to Florida, and cause a ton of destruction to the land, native species, and general quality of life in Florida. They are extremely loud, and are aggressive to humans whilst also carrying disease. In total, it is estimated that they cause billions of dollars in damage every year, and Florida has the second highest wild hog population in the country (behind Texas). Some people argue that they are the most invasive species in the world, and Florida’s swamp lands are prime real estate for them. They do not have sweat glands, so rolling in the mud and water in the swamps keeps them cool. They are omnivores, and feed off almost anything they can find. The boar population is being reduced as much as possible, but they breed so fast that it has become a difficult process to get rid of them entirely.

How to Protect Your Property, Your Children, and Your Pets With a Garage


There are many different species not mentioned above that are dangerous in Florida. In addition, Florida is not the only state in this country with dangerous invasive species. Several states have boar problems, and some even hold hunts to eradicate large numbers at a time. So, how do you protect your home from invasive species? Consider a garage from Elephant Structures. Many of the reptile species that invade peoples homes are found on a patio or underneath a car as they attempt to stay in the shade. It would be absolutely terrifying and dangerous to walk towards your car in the morning, only to see a 14 ft python writhing underneath. It is important to keep you and your property safe, but it is extremely important to keep your children safe. You can create a metal play shelter out of one of our garages as well – some have even been converted into guest houses and cabins. Use our website builder to customize a structure today, and if you have any questions feel free to contact us and speak with a building advisor who will provide you with a FREE consultation. Protect your property and your family with a garage from Elephant Structures.

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