Hail Damage and How To Repair it

Okay, So You Don’t Have A Carport

Ihail-damage-1272031_1920f you’ve ever woken up or walked outside to see your brand new car pelted with dents caused by severe hail than you’re definitely someone who knows what a bad day is. Hail damage is extremely frustrating due to it’s severity and seemingly sporadic intensity. Some hail storms can cause golf ball sized hail with no prior warning, as it often shows up as precipitation in the weather report. Now that you’re windshield has been cracked,and your car has dents all over it, what do you do to remedy your situation?

First, you need to assess the situation rationally after your frustration and dissatisfaction has set in. In an ideal situation your insurance company will assist you in a comprehensive plan to reimburse you for your losses and repairs. Document everything that you can with as many photos and videos that you need to have evidence of all damage as soon after the storm as possible. Don’t repair anything, as your insurance company may not cover whatever damage you have paid for repairs on before their assessment. After you call the insurance company they may notify you they are already aware of hail damage in your area. If your company requests photos and videos it may be a good time to request information on your deductible and whether or not your comprehensive policy covers your hail damage.

Dents and divots in the metal will require banging out and some painting where necessary. Your insurance company may have a company or method they will require you to use in order to file your claim correctly. There are a few methods that are a little more advanced and may cost less for removing dents and hail damage. You may want to let your insurance company know about PDR, which is paint-less dent removal. If you can save yourself a little money on repairs your insurance company will be happy to help you more.


Make sure to take your time before spending money for your repairs in case you aren’t covered completely by your insurance company. If severe hail has happened in a relatively large area than there is a high chance different repair operations will be contacting local residents or offering deals in order to capitalize on the situation as well as help the community recover. Always make sure to check the background of any contractor you do use, check online reviews and contact them to speak about their services. If you find a repair company that you like and choose to move forward with ask about any guarantees they might offer for their dent repair. Some locations offer guarantees and some don’t, but it may come at a slightly higher cost that could be worth it in the end. After the repair check your vehicle thoroughly against the photos and videos you took at the beginning in a light that benefits your ability to check the gradient of the roof more concisely. It may also benefit you to do this before you leave the repair shop.

A Carport Will Prevent Further Damage

Carports can take the beating of a hail storm easily, and after going through the trouble of dealing with your insurance company purchasing a carport is nothing in regards to stress. We make sure your carport is delivered and installed for free as well as a full consultation at no cost to you. Our carports come in three different styles.

• The Regular style roof features rounded roof and sides that hang over the edges by around 6″ depending on the side of the roof. The regular roof is the first tier option, and the paneling on the roof goes from front to back so when it rains it falls off of the front and back.

• The Boxed eave roof features a pointed roof and sides that hang over the edges by a few inches again depending on the side of the roof. The boxed eave roof is the second tier option and the paneling on the roof goes from front to back like the regular roof.

• The Vertical Style roof has a pointed roof like the boxed eave roof and the sides hang over the edges much like the boxed eave roof. However, the paneling on the top tier vertical style roof is vertically oriented. Herein, the rain falls off of the sides and keeps you from getting as wet as the other two lower tier roofs.

Call in today for a free consultation from one of our professionals, and don’t deal with hail repair ever again.

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