Protect your vehicle from a rain storm with a metal garage from

Severe Weather, Wind, and Hail Protection For Your Investments

Just yesterday a large storm passed through Winston Salem, NC. It caused trees to fall down, hail was damaging property throughout, and several instances of flash floods were reported. The Winston salem journal reported trees were falling on homes and cars, some with people inside. Miraculously no injuries were reported. The amount of property damage inflicted by the storm has not been reported yet. There was a flood advisory in effect until 11 p.m. as well as power outages throughout the county. With modern technology advanced as it is, it’s admittedly peculiar that meteorologists are still giving us probability ratings for the weather. However, the nature of weather forecasting simply embiggens the notion that if there is anything that is truly unpredictable it is mother nature. We are constantly worried about safety in all aspects of our home life, but it is often the case that once we are inside and safe with our family during the storm we must inevitably go out to assess the damage externally. Cars are absolutely necessary for most modern life these days, and the loss of a vehicle can cripple most families in ways that take a long time to recover.

Top Of The Line Metal Carports

At Elephant Structures we offer top of the line carports with the strongest bracing in the business. Many carport manufacturers will undercut prices by selling you what appears to be a carport like any other. What they aren’t telling you is they are neglecting to provide adequate bracing in order to withstand snow loads and debris from storms. If you just google search “collapsed carports” you will see exactly what we mean. Our metal structures are made to protect your investments, not to take your money. We work tirelessly to engineer the best, most affordable, strongest structures in the business that can withstand hail, severe weather and snow storms. While we can’t protect you on the road, we can make sure that you get there in the first place. Call now for a free consultation and ask about our certified carports with wind speed and snow load specifications.

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