12′ x 36′ RV Carport Regular Metal Roof



This 12' x 36' RV cover is a great way to protect your RV or camper at an affordable price.  Built with our regular metal roof and reinforced with corner and center bracing. To customize this premium metal building, or for a free consultation, give us a call today!

12' x 36' RV Carport Regular Metal Roof

If you have been looking for affordable storage, this 12′ x 36′ RV Carport is an outstanding solution.  With dimensions of 12′ wide x 36′ long x 12′ tall, this metal building provides 432 square feet of storage space.  The carport can comfortably store your RV, motorhome, camper, or assorted lawn equipment.  Remember, the steel frame walls are 1′ shorter than the length of the roof.   You can customize your RV Carport by adjusting dimensions, features, and much more.  You can even fully enclose your building by adding side and end walls.  Choose from our large color selection to match your style and existing structures on your property.

Metal Buildings Built to Last

Our premium metal buildings will help you avoid costly repairs for years to come.  The RV carport is manufactured with premium grade steel framing and 29 gauge roof panels.  All of our structures are reinforced with bracing on the corners and center of the steel frame for maximum durability.  Our innovative truss design allows us to design buildings up to 60′ wide, without any interior supports needed.  The regular metal roof is our most popular option and is guaranteed to be free of leaks and other defects.

Easy RV Carport Installation

Installation through Elephant Structures is hassle-free.  For all of our durable buildings, we offer free installation and delivery.  Our company is proud to offer both standardized buildings and fully custom carports, garages and commercial metal buildings.  If you need us to install it for you, as long as your building site is level within 3″ in all directions, we can construct your carport in no time.  We recommend a concrete foundation, but can install a building on almost any surface, including dirt, gravel, asphalt, and even wood.  We will even include concrete-specific anchors at no extra cost.  Any of our buildings can be ordered as a D.I.Y. building kit, if you would like to install your new metal carport yourself.  Have questions? We have answers – call or chat with an advisor about your RV Carport, or shop online to customize your own metal building today!


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Strong, Affordable Protection
The 12′ x 36′ RV Carport is a great way to protect your RV or camper at an affordable price. The building has plenty of room for an RV and additional equipment, with 432 square feet of storage space available. Our RV carport covers are manufactured with premium quality American-made steel, and are reinforced with corner and center bracing. These metal buildings are built to last a lifetime.

The regular roof is is a strong, affordable design. It is our most commonly purchased roof due its economical price, without sacrificing quality. The roof has horizontally-oriented panels with curved overhangs on the side. The panels and trim can be ordered with as many color combinations as you need, adding your own personal touch to the structure. Whatever your requirements may be, we will design a carport or metal building that will be perfect for your needs.

We recommend a concrete surface for long term performance of the structure, but we will install on almost any surface, including dirt, gravel, asphalt, and even wood. Concrete footers are a good alternative to a concrete pad. As long as the installation site is level with 3″ in any direction, we can install your building, hassle-free. As an added bonus, we will include concrete-specific anchors at no extra cost. Pricing for our metal buildings may vary based upon your geographic location, as well as your county’s local building codes and loadings. Factory certified buildings are guaranteed to meet your area’s building regulations. Engineered foundation drawings will be made to accommodate your structure.

Width Length Height Sqft
12ft 36ft 12ft 432sqft

• Tall legs for RV storage

• Affordable method for storing your RV, truck, and assorted lawn equipment

• Extra panels on the side for added protection

• 14 Gauge steel frame construction

• 29 Gauge metal roofing

• Engineered to meet or exceed your local snow load and wind velocity ratings

• Prefabricated steel engineered structures resist fire, smoke, mold, and termite damage

• Construction foundations can include dirt, concrete slab, footers, piers, or most all level surfaces. If construction will require installers to work over existing equipment, at commercial facilities, on floating docks, or hard to reach construction sites, please consult a building advisor as these conditions may require additional installation costs.

• Carport design includes an all-steel framing, and a steel roof truss system. All required 29-Gauge sheeting for side walls and ends, metal roof panels, hardware, metal trim, and bracing specified or required by your local building code.

• Ground and high-wind anchors may be purchased at additional costs. Proper number of anchors are included with any certified building upgrade.

• Delivery and Installation times may vary due to location, weather, and order volume. Once your order is secured, your scheduler will contact you in advance of your delivery date to confirm delivery and installation.

• This structure is available as a D.I.Y. carport kit building. Consult a building specialist for more details.


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