2 Car Garage for Summer Barbecue

2 Car Garage

Barbecue Fun:

Planning a barbecue? Your 2 car garage or carport would make a splendid entertainment area!

When you have company over and it’s a nice summer day, who wants to waste it indoors? (Unless it’s in your 2 car garage or mancave.) At some point, your guests will soak up enough sun. At that point, they’ll need respite, but they don’t want to go inside and miss out on all the fun! Your 2 car garage or carport can give them perfect shade. Let them relax in a chaise lounge without worrying about being the splash-target of pool-goers.

Plus, if you’re holding a barbecue, a 2 car garage or carport can serve to shelter your food spread from the hot summer sun. It’ll slow the ice-melting process, keeping your summer beverages icy cold and refreshing! If your barbecue is a theme party, a 2 car garage or carport can give you plenty of space to decorate. Can you imagine draping a Hawaiian lei garland from corner to corner for your luau barbecue? There are so many possibilities! Even if you have to light some bug candles, your 2 car garage will protect the summer breeze from extinguishing the flame. Your 2 car garage will be the envy of your friends and neighbors.

A 2 Car Garage or Carport makes a perfect Barbeque area!

So remember: A barbecue is a great way to use your 2 car garage or carport! (Why 2 car? We figure you’ll need room to maneuver around your food spread!) Even when you’re not holding a barbecue or party, your carport will still serve to shield your vehicle from the hot summer sun. Your driving experience should be pleasant. Why start it off in the sweltering heat?

So go ahead and have fun. Build your custom carport with plenty of room for your guests to lounge and relax out of the summer sun. They’ll thank you for it!

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