50x100x14 Commercial metal garage building 50 x 100 with blue walls and white trim, one roll up garage door and walk in door.

40′ x 60′ Metal Buildings

Metal Buildings at 40′ Wide by 60′ Long

Metal buildings at 40′ long are extremely versatile and reliable. We offer a wide variety of different buildings here at Elephant, and all of them are used for a plethora of different things. The 40′ x 60′ wide buildings are just as flexible in their utility, from workshops to commercial warehouses and many more. These buildings can be modified with many different attributes. Anything over 30′ wide, however; should almost always be a boxed eave or vertical roof. This is because the roof load is more efficiently dispersed by these designs. On certain configurations, extra bracing is also included to add to the support of larger building loads. All of our buildings are guaranteed to meet your counties building codes and loadings, and often exceed them for good measure. We offer free installation and delivery on all structures, and if a permit is required you’ll need to certify your building which we automatically comes on triple-wide buildings anyway! Certified buildings are always stronger and are made to withstand snow loads and wind speeds of 130  mph and snow loads of 30 psf.

Tractor trailer carport with triple wide capability and red trim.

Uses of 40′ x 60′ Metal Buildings

With a base square footage of 2,400 sq. ft. the 40′ x 60′ metal building is a large and useful building. Whether you’re a small business looking to have a storage area for your product or vehicles, or a farmer or residential customer looking to add space and property value this building can surely do the job. If you want to have a metal building without walls, you can order something like this, and use the 14′ ft legs to store a large quantity of farm equipment, product, or tractor trailers. If you want extra protection from the elements to protect your property you can get an enclosed 40′ x 60′ metal building like this one. If you want to use your metal building to create a workshop, a studio, or even a home, closing the walls is an excellent option to add security to your building.

Side view of inside of commercial metal building framing.Customization Options

Our buildings are all highly customizable, and nearly every aspect can be altered to fit your needs. If your building isn’t possible within the builder than you can fill out a custom form to establish a dialogue with our building advisors and engineers. They can work with you in order to create the building you need for your specific storage project. Some available options include roof style, boxed eave or vertical, and wall paneling horizontal or vertical. Utility sheds are also extremely useful in these large triple wide buildings, as they compartmentalize the inner are of the building for workshop and studio usage. We offer garage doors of varying sizes that can add accessibility, as well as walk-in doors that can grant you easy access to your building. If our garage doors don’t fit your needs, you can order frame-outs to install your own custom after market doors. You can lighten up your building with windows, and custom frame-outs can also apply for larger windows than we offer. Take a look at the builder to see what’s possible without a custom installation, as well as our products in the shop metal buildings by photo section.

Elephant Structures

The only way to ensure that your property is protected is to make sure that it is shielded by a metal structure, like our 40′ x 60′ metal building. Elephant Structures’ carports, metal buildings, and garages offer the best defense against Mother Nature. It is an affordable way to ensure that your property will not get damaged and start to lose value. With durable metal panels, cars and other stored items are totally protected from the elements. Our buildings are also aesthetically pleasing and completely customizable. You can choose which gauge, color, and design you want to make your structure. Depending on what best suits your needs, you can decide whether you want a completely enclosed space or a partially open one with a metal awning to protect your vehicle. The carports are extremely durable as well. They stand up to extreme weather and protect your car from the sun. There’s even an online interface where you can build your own carport virtually. When you are done, all you have to do is pay a small deposit online and submit your order. Keeping your car protected from nature is extremely important when considering its value over time. When left without shelter, cars are vulnerable. You run the risk of suffering accidental damages to the car and decreasing its value.

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