Steel Carport Can Include Different Roof Options

There are different types of covered structures available for you to choose from, including a steel carport. When you select a steel carport you can choose different styles of roofs, which include the traditional standard curved type of roof or you can pick a more slanted style roof offered in vertical and A-frame styles. Depending upon the type of roof you choose, you may need to a taller steel carport to accommodate the roof design.

Custom Design Your Own Steel Carport

When you custom design your own steel carport, you get the flexibility to choose many different features and options. You can choose the frame width, height and length which provides the space needed for all your items going under the carport. You can choose different gauge steel, with smaller numbers meaning thicker steel. You even get to choose the colors of the roof and trim and can even add optional side walls. You can obtain pricing for your area which includes free delivery and installation when you use Carport.

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