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Advantages of a Steel Carport or Garage

Steel Afforable Metal Buildings

What are the advantages to constructing with steel?  Let me count the ways…

1)  Steel buildings are constructed faster.  Our steel carports and garages are pre-engineered structures that are sent directly to the building site.  Pre-engineering involves cutting, drilling and welding done at the manufacturing site itself, making erection quicker and cheaper.  The completed building is then delivered to the site and quickly erected.   Steel buildings require about 2/3 the time required for conventional construction.

2)  Lower Cost. Due to our high volume and manufacturing efficiencies, we are able to offer you a fantastic value for your money.  Construction costs on a steel building vs. conventional construction may be reduced by 60%.

3)  Lighter Weight. Not only is steel relatively lightweight, it’s also one of the one of the strongest materials with great resilience and strength.  As a matter of fact, steel buildings have one of the highest ratios of weight to strength of all building materials.  Steel garages are lighter than brick, concrete, or even wood!

4)  Easier to Maintain. Steel is virtually maintenance free, and you will have no problems with structural deterioration, rotting or insect damage.   Steel buildings also resist creeping, cracks, splitting, rotting, warping,  even mold and mildew!  Steel buildings are highly immune to altitude, weather, temperature or climate patterns, making them a great option in almost any geographic area.  And if you care to clean it, all it will take is a little soap and water!

5)  Reduced Risk of Fire. Steel is non-combustible, and virtually resistant to fire.  Your insurance costs could be reduced by up to 40% because your prized possessions are stored in a steel garage.

6)  Withstand Hurricanes, High Winds, Heavy Show and Earthquakes. The world’s largest and tallest buildings are made of steel because they meet strict seismic and wind resistance requirements.  Concrete is the next strongest material, but it can be cracked or shifted by seismic activity, and scientists and researchers say that concrete is more likely to crumble in a very strong wind.  Steel has the capability of bending slightly and moving along with the storm.  Steel is able to yield to it’s force.  Larry Williams, of the D.C. based- Steel Framing Alliance explains, “Steel framing does very well under high (wind) loads because it is ductile, which means it has the ability to bend without breaking and can absorb that kind of energy.”  Very often when hurricanes strike, metal buildings are the only structures that survive intact.

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