Crew member assembling an a model steel arch kit building with power tools.

Affordable Carport Kit

Affordable Carport Kit
Get carport kits that are affordable!

Are you a DIYer? Got a carport in mind for you next project? Interested in building a metal building? Order all the parts from, and put it together yourself! has great deals on custom carport kits. All of our manufactured carports are designed by customers, built to their specifications using the application on our website. The advantage of one of our affordable metal carport kit is that they’re exactly the size, shape, style, and color you want. You’ll get to pick every part yourself. Design an open air carport, a three car covered garage, a mechanic shop, a woodworking studio, a boat carport, or a storage shed. Every complex design starts online, and you build your affordable carport kit from the bare bones up.

You won’t need any special tools to put together one of our Carport Kits. Build it by yourself or invite a couple friends to help you out over the weekend. Build a tough structure out of a set of parts, no construction experience required.

An Affordable Carport Kit With Structural Integrity

All our steel kits are fashioned in our factory in NC, and all custom designs come with triple sealed corrosion resistant galvanized steel parts. Multiple seals on the girts, purloins, and beams ensure that even if something manages to scratch your structure, it has another rust-preventative layer beneath it to back it up. All steel structures are designed for heavy snow loads and high winds. Upgrade to a certified structure to get the really heavy duty stuff. Your certified carport kit will hold up to winds of 130mph or more. That’s the raging speed and strength of a category III hurricane stopped right at your garage door.

Your own design from will arrive at your door in a matter of weeks, ready to be unpacked. For your DIY prowess, you’ll even receive a discount on your order. For more information and deals on a new affordable carport kit, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.



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