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At Elephant Structures, we have spent a long time fleshing out and designing an online carport experience that is easy and intuitive to use. We understand the frustration in dealing with the pitfalls of bad web design when you’re looking for information on a product, or just browsing in general. It makes it difficult to find what you’re looking for on top of making it nearly impossible to do what you want to do. Our team has spent time discussing with customers and responding to feedback on our site in order to custom tailor it to fit the needs and desires of every customer. We ensure a pleasant experience in every regard when using our website, and this article is devoted to explaining some of the features and uses of our finely tuned carport ordering machine!

Zip code entry form, with submit zipcode entry form.

The First Thing You See

When you visit, the first thing you’ll be asked for is your zip code. We cover a nationwide customer base, and this information is used to get the correct specifications and pricing for your area. Some counties and entire states at times require highly specific codes and loadings to be met. An example that we encounter often are beach front property codings. These standards require wind speeds to be met due to frequent storms, and worries about the structure being torn apart by hurricane winds. We still build there, it just required a different selection of metal.

Photo of the render with standard building in place, 12 x 21 x 5.

The Carport Builder

The builder is one of the most unique and helpful aspects of our site. Many websites force you to choose from a catalog, (which we also offer, but we’ll get to that later) but we allow you to customize your building immediately. It’s important to us after 37 years of business that we give the customer the ability to purchase what they need and want. We sell choice as much as our product, because we are in the business of giving the customer respect in choosing their purchase. Our builder is very detailed, and after you’ve gone through the simple steps in creating your building it will generate a BuildID and a rendering. You can use that buildID to speak to a representative if you have further questions, or you can purchase the building directly from our website then and there.

View of the price match guarantee, with each building type carports, garages, commercial, and metal buildings.

Shop Metal Buildings and Garages by Photo

If customization really isn’t your thing, as mentioned above, we give you the option to also shop through our photo catalog to see some of our most popular buildings. You can also shop by photo and customize your own building further, by clicking on the customize button on each page. If you look through each link you’ll see we’ve split the categories of buildings in to their styles and functions. This makes it possible for you to see each type of building in every style and configuration purchasable. There are more specific customization and installation requirements possible, however, you will need to speak to a carport representative in order to purchase those. You can also fill out our contact form if you’d like email correspondence.

Elephant Structure Carport tips page, how to install a carport, FAQ's, and snow safety.

Our Resources in Response to FAQ’s

We get a lot of questions about our carports, and a certain number of them tend to pop up more frequently than others. We have articles in this section about the buying process, how a carport is built, snow safety, and applications for your building. This area of the website is one of our top traffic areas, as it allows a behind the scenes look at the carport industry, and allows us to give you information to educate yourself before you buy. We also offer free consultation, so if your question is specific in nature and isn’t met by our resources online, feel free to call in and get expert advice from our building advisors.

The Blog!

You’re already here, and this area is where we keep customer’s and people interested in buying updated on the news and special information releases in the carport industry. We frequently update this area with information about how you can use your carport, and sometimes we talk about previous projects that are of interest due to their novel implementation. If you have any questions or comments about the blog, we encourage discussion through our comment system at the bottom, and attempt to respond to every comment we receive. If you want direct assistance with the website, or simply a carport question we have a chat system that is only a click away on the bottom right corner of every page.

It looks like this:

Picture of the chat window on carport dot com.

We do our best to make the website as intuitive and easy to use as possible, but some problems create themselves, and arise of out unique situations. We are happy to help with whatever issues you might have, and are glad to receive feedback on your shopping experience as well!

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