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Carport from Wintertime Motorcyle Storage

Tips for Using your Carport to store your Motorcycle

Unfortunately it’s winter time, and for some of us the joy riding our motorcycles is over.  Unless, of course, you live in the warmer southern states where year-round riding is everyday.

Following these tips will allow you to have a clean bike for next spring and prevent you from having to worry about maintenance for approaching years.  If you are a motorcycle owner a customized metal carport is a must.  A carport from us gives you the freedom of storing your motorcycle safely!

8 Steps to “Winterize” your Motorcycle utilizing your carport

Step 1: Gather your cleaning tools and make room for a dry storage place to keep your bike. has many different custom metal carports to choose from.

Step 2: Take your bike out for one last ride to get the oil warm and fill up your gas tank so you can put fuel-stabilizer in it for the winter.  After you do this, you will want to change your oil – since you took your bike out for a ride the oil should be a little hot, which will help you to get all of the oil and gunk out that may have built up over time.

Step 3: When storing your bike in your carport you will want to take all the weight off of the suspension and tires, in order to do this you will want to put your bike on some type of stand.

Step 4: A very important thing to remember to do is to spray fogging oil in your cylinders.  This will keep the cylinder walls from rusting.  A lot of people forget to do this and will have to deal with replacing their cylinders later on, but if you do this you do not have to worry about it in the future!

Step 5: To Avoid moisture getting into the engine, you will want to put a plastic garbage bag or something similar over the exhaust pipe, while the engine is still warm.  Another tip is to spray a little WD40 in there – this will eliminate any moisture that is present.

Step 6: You want to remove your battery and store it somewhere dry and where no moisture can get to it.  Your carport will make a great storage place for this!

Step 7: Clean your bike!  Wash it and wax it.  Get all of the road grime and dirt off of it so it looks brand new.  Shine your chrome and lights so you’re looking good for next year.

Step 8: You will want to cover your bike with a breathable fabric.  This will prevent any type of moisture, along with dirt that can get on your bike. An enclosed carport also prevents moisture!

Follow these tips and you will be the first one back on the road when that first spring day arrives!  Using a carport from will allow you to have the clean bike that you want!

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