Why buy a Utility Shed?

Utility Sheds

When looking for a metal carport building, the customization options are daunting in their sheer quantity. Some people come in looking for a product that fits a specific need, but some want to have the best of many worlds. The Utility Shed carport option has the potential to meet a wide variety of needs at a low cost. Low cost also doesn’t have to be the primary reason for buying a utility shed, some of our customers buy the utility shed in order to have something affordable in size. However, if you’re not interested in paying for two or three buildings, you can get the same utility from….the Utility Shed. If you need to store a vehicle, some outdoor equipment, indoor storage, and easy access to everything the Utility Shed works excellently. In essence, the Utility Shed Carport is a model of carport that adds a bay within the dimensions of the carport that is enclosed with easy access to the interior. It can be in the front or the back, it depends on the orientation in regards to your home. However, the utility shed bay is primarily considered to be the back of the structure so vehicles can be parked underneath in the front, and the back is accessible by walking directly into the structure. 

Metal building with three roll up garage doors side installed on a large utility shed, and a porch created out of the left over roofing.

When you get a utility shed, you also have a large amount of space that isn’t governed entirely by dimensions. The two areas, enclosed and open, give you choices. Some of our customers have split their utility down the middle, effectively doubling their ability to store items. If you have a lawn mower, ATV, dirtbike, or motorcycle, these are great items to store inside your utility shed. Whatever you want to store inside your building, you can customize your dimensions in every aspect to fit that need.

 Where to Go From Here?

The Utility Shed carport is a jack of all trades, but does not suffer from capability spread thin. If you call in and explain your requirements to one of our expert building advisor, they can explain the best methods for engineering and customizing a building for you.  Elephant Structures has spent this last 37 years working to engineer the most quality metal carports. We offer much more than Utility Sheds, but if you’re in the market to find something that fits the bill in many ways and doesn’t break the bank than this is one of our best products to do so. If you want to install the building yourself, we can deliver it for free. However, every building that we sell comes with free delivery and installation on every level surface. The best surface to install on is concrete. Also, if you have severe weather regularly in your area, it may be prudent to consider certification and 12 gauge options. Utility Sheds can be built in all of our styles, although it’s best to go with the vertical style roofing for its stronger roofing construction and orientation of paneling.




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