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California Wildlife Center Builds On Multi-Carport Project

Repurposing Carports For Animal Care

We’ve written before on using our metal buildings and carports as methods for creating livestock shelters, doghouses, and even chicken coops. The magic of our business is the extreme customization offered in every metal building. If you’re looking for a way to protect your property, including your animals, then our custom metal buildings are an excellent method for doing so. The range of possibilities is large, and you can make a simple shelter from the rain or a more permanent habitat for nearly every animal.

Exotic pets or otherwise atypically bred animals may require extra reinforcement. Although, our super certified or simply regularly certified buildings are useful in atypical habitat creations as well. All you need to do is customize your building to fit you and your animals needs and you can do so

In the news recently the California Wildlife Center converted what used to be rudimentary carports into an entire ICU for it’s plethora of interesting and unique wildlife. The facility had been in a somewhat similar state for what is reported to be nearly 70 years. The changes began almost 20 years ago, and the main part of the facility was built in 1952.

On the California Wildlife Center’s website, it says the initial building was meant to be a private home but was later transformed into a “ranger station.” The building was used in conjunction with carports that were added on when the first modifications were being added in 1998.

This raises an interesting prospect that we’ve suggested for our buildings before. Our metal buildings can be used as a primary structure for whatever use is intended, but certain configurations are more favorable than others for uses that require it. In this situation, these were not our carports but easily could have been. Our carports also could have been easier to upgrade as ordering extra parts and panels is easy.

We understand you may want to add on or tweak aspects of your building after the fact. For example, if you want to enclose a wall that you didn’t initially or add extra panels for security you simply need to order those parts from us and we’ll come out and install them for you. In this case the Wildlife Center started with base carports and then upgraded them by using a grant from the S. Mark Taper Foundation. They now have a proper foundation to help facilitate animals in need.

Where to Start Your Multi-Carport Project

If you’re interested in using our carports to begin a long tiered project with upgrades over time, there’s a few methods to starting. You can start bare bones with carports or go a little ahead and go for a garage build. There are essentially three types of roof styles:

• The regular style roof features rounded roof and sides that hang over the edges by around 6″ depending on the side of the roof. The regular roof is the first tier option, and the paneling on the roof goes from front to back so when it rains it falls off of the front and back.

• The boxed eave roof features a pointed roof and sides that hang over the edges by a few inches again depending on the side of the roof. The boxed eave roof is the second tier option and the paneling on the roof goes from front to back like the regular roof.

• The Vertical Style roof has a pointed roof like the boxed eave roof and the sides hang over the edges much like the boxed eave roof. However, the paneling on the top tier vertical style roof is vertically oriented. Herein, the rain falls off of the sides and keeps you from getting as wet as the other two lower tier roofs.

The structures that Carport sells have different width categories. The single wide and double wide options are priced by the same base structure model that always uses Width x Length. The single wide structures start at 12′ ft. Wide and end at a double wide 24′ ft. Wide before moving up to the triple wides at 26′ ft. Wide and up. Then the 32′ ft. Wide starts your certified commercial buildings which have to be custom bought and require prints, and other labor charges due to their large size and different bracing.

If you need a specific function be sure to mention it with your building advisor, or if you understand what you need you can customize your carport online with our online builder. Remember, we offer free installation and delivery with every one of our carports.



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