Green carport with half wall on one side and one wall on the other.

Car Port Sustainability

The green movement and sustainability are very important to us here at Elephant Structures. We attempt to “do no harm” to the environment with the production and construction of each car port and steel structure that we sell. (We even have a page dedicated to sustainability on our site!) Check out our TL;DR list of reasons steel is great for the environment!

Green Sustainable Elephant Structures Car Port

Car Port Sustainability Matters!

1. Steel is 100% recyclable. Your steel car port or other building will never see the inside of a landfill.

2. All steel contains a minimum of 25% recycled material. Every time you buy a steel can, car or car port you’re automatically buying recycled, a purchase you can feel good about.

3. Recycling old steel saves between 40-75% of the amount of energy needed to produce completely new steel. Three fourths of your brand new car port could be made from someone else’s old car port!

4. Deciding between wood or steel for your car port? It takes 40 to 50 trees for 2000 square feet building. For a steel building of that same size, you only need the equivalent of 6 scrapped cars. A small forest grove, or recycled landfill materials? The choice is yours.

Whatever your reason for buying a steel car port from Elephant Structures at, you can feel good knowing that you’re minimizing the harm done to the environment, and you’re still getting a great product that will last a lifetime.

When you’re getting ready to buy a car port, consider the work and products that go into making it. Consider supporting businesses that care about the environment and the future of the earth. Make a change yourself by reducing the amount of harmful waste in our landfills and reducing the amount of money you have to spend for a quality product. Elephant Structures’ can offer you that and more.

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