Choosing a Car Port from the Many Different Styles Available

There are plenty of different styles of carports available for you to look at when you want one. The basic car port has enough space to park one car under the open walled structure, or you can upgrade to a double wide structure when you have two cars. There are deluxe car port models available, which include optional half or full side and rear walls. You will even find large carports available, which can be used to park your RV or camper under when it is not being used.

Lock In Your Rate on a Car Port by Putting Down a Deposit

When you know that you want a car port, but are not sure when you will want it delivered, you can lock in your pricing with us here at Carport. You simply but down the deposit amount, and we can hold your order for up to six months. Once you are ready for the order to be processed, you pay off your remaining balance. Since it can take about six weeks to have your car port installed, you will need to factor in the lead time when determining when you want us to process the order.

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