Carport Additions

Carport Additions: Increase the Value of Your Home with a New Covered Garage

Carport Additions to increase the value of your home!
Custom designed carport additions give you the edge in a competitive housing market.

Last year, Realtor Magazine wrote a feature on garage and carport additions that highlights how an attached, covered garage increases in the value of your home. The article seems to come to a unanimous consensus that in most cases an attached garage will double or triple its value when you sell your home. In addition, attaching a stylish covered carport onto your home will make it easier to sell against the competition.

The article further recommends that a carport should be covered and attached to ensure that it’ll increase your home value. Also, if you choose carport additions that are out of style with your home, you are not as likely to add to its value or increase the desirability of your property. It’s very important to choose your style, colors, and additional features carefully, so that carport additions will match your home, give you access to modern conveniences, and provide sturdy protection for your cars.

An elephant structures will never fail you when choosing the style, durability, and additional features of your steel carport. We let you custom design your covered garage. Instead of choosing from a limited set of designs from another company, why not use our online carport additions design application? It only takes a few minutes online to design your own, picking from a variety of roof designs, colors, dimensions, and features. Check out our tips below before you get started!

Tips about Increasing Property Value with Carport Additions

There are a lot of advantages that carport additions can give you in this housing market. When building a carport to increase the value of your home, here’s a few more things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure it’s big enough! You never know if your future buyers will be driving a motorcycle or a stretch limo, but it’s best to have a little extra space so that you can accommodate them, and you won’t loose a sale.
  • Choose Galvanized Steel. It’s extremely eco-friendly, being both durable for decades and 100% recyclable. Elephant Structures certified carport additions are wind-rated up to 130mph in addition to being tested to rain, hail, and heavy snow loads.  Installing an Elephant Structures carport, you can present your covered garage to buyers as a sustainable, durable investment. Plus, a steel garage is much cheaper than a wooden one!
  • Style! Match the colors of your carport with your house, your lawn ornaments, or your seasons.  A carport that looks good will be easier to sell.
  • Invest in extra features for carport additions! Ask an elephant structures sales representative (828-355-7120) about our recommendations for automatic garage door, insulation to protect your valuables in the hot summer and the freezing winter, and automatic lights. Not only are these convenient for you in the short run, but in the long run, they’ll be exciting, modern features that will attract a buyer to your home.


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