Two roll up garage doors on the front of a double wide metal garage with a lean to installed on the side of a concrete foundation. Garages and Carports by Elephant Structures protect your car from damaging sun, rain, hail and ice. Metal Garages and Carports protect you car or truck from damaging sun, rain, hail and ice

Your car(s) are probably your second most valuable assets.   Yet, without a steel carport or garage these important assets are continuously exposed to the potential ravages of the weather, with hot sun being the car’s biggest enemy.

A hail storm can cause significant damage to your car. Because of this, insurance companies are increasingly providing discounts for protection from hail.

Hail is a dramatic and infrequent but violent weather event.  The sun is a constant and nasty enemy!  The sun eats away at your steering wheel (leather or plastic).  Dashboard cracking and fading is caused largely by direct sun exposure to your car, creating heat and UV damage. Even on relatively cool days the temperature inside your car can rise to 150 degrees or more.

Our premium custom metal garages and carports provide high quality sun protection and hail protection for individuals plus car dealers, RV owners and anyone wishing to protect their vehicles.

Benefits of providing hail and sun protection by a metal carport:

  • Protect cars from hail damage
  • Extend the life of your car’s interior
  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Enjoy getting into a cooler car
  • Keep your car free of bird-droppings, rain spots and dust
  • Increase your property value with our attractive and colorful structures

Features of an Elephant Structure brand metal carport:

ALL PLANS ARE CERTIFIED. Every Elephant Structure sold is designed and verified by a certified engineer to meet or exceed wind and snow load standards. Elephant Structures cannot be held responsible for changes in your specific county standards so please verify the standards with your local county inspector. You may need to obtain a permit prior to installation. If a permit is required, you will need to purchase a Certified Carport or Garage.

Certified standards are rated for snow and wind, include auger anchors, a peak brace on every bow, a knee brace on every leg, and an additional 20 year limited warranty against rust on every carport sold.

All metal carport and garage units include free delivery and free installation on your level land.

All metal carport frames are double galvanized and the 29 gauge sheet metal, for the roof and siding, has a baked enamel finish for long lasting protection.

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