PSA: “Don’t Text and Drive”

A Public Service Announcement

Today on July 7th, 2014, our newest Public Service Announcement will be aired on Appalachian State University’s radio channel, WASU 90.5 FM. Our carports can make sure your vehicle is at its peak condition for optimal safety while on the road, and then it’s up to you to stay safe. We want to urge drivers to never text and drive, so between 3PM and 4PM today, and airing on Wednesday and Friday at the same time as well, this message will be heard:

“ is on the air reminding our listeners ‘don’t text and drive’. An automobile can be a deadly weapon in the hands of someone who’s eyes aren’t even on the road! Timing and judgement are critical when innocent lives are at stake, and driving while texting impairs both. So from now on, don’t text and drive. Don’t tempt fate – that text can wait!  This important reminder is a courtesy of in Boone, where you can design a building online. They’re on the air because they care about the safety of our community.”

Please be safe while on the road! Our community depends on each and every one of us to do our part!

car protection for safety

Building a Safer Community

A carport protects your vehicle from damage, leading to a safer experience on the road. Extreme weather and heat can do damage that may go unnoticed, but could have a serious impact on your vehicle’s ability to perform. For example, prolonged exposure to heat can make your tires bald very quickly, increasing the probability that you lose control of your vehicle in sub-prime conditions. That is only one instance of how sheltering your vehicle could prevent a tragedy, there are many more! We believe in a brighter, safer, and responsible community. Let’s work together to make it happen. Customize a metal carport with Elephant Structure’s, and please remember to never text and drive! Call us at (855) CAR-PORT to learn more!

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