Carport Cover Up

Carport Cover Up

Carport Cover
Winter or summer, the mechanic is happy to see you come into his shop- but not quite as unhappy as you are dropping a couple hundred bucks each time. To stay on the road and out of the shop, park under a carport cover year round!

We’re not talking about the latest espionage movie or about a new line of makeup. We’re talking about a cover that protects your commute from inches of ice every winter morning, that will keep UV rays from fading the paint on your car, that will keep your boat from suffering winter damage, that will keep you and your family out of the mechanic shop and safely on the road.

A carport cover up means a lot for our customers, and we want to make sure we exceed their expectations with every order. We build custom structures for each individual customer who calls in. We don’t just hand you a catalog and then shuffle through a pile of rusting steel  parts in the back- No!  The technicians in our NC factory shape steel from scratch to create all the components of your design. That means you’ll get brand new material and expert attention on the details of your carport. You’re sure to be getting the best quality carport money can buy!

Seal your Commute and Patch Your Wallet with a Carport Cover up!

If you follow through on the preventative maintenance of a covered carport, you’ll stay out of the mechanics shop, and stop dropping so much money on vehicle repairs.

And who wants to spend twenty minutes scraping ice off their windshield every morning? Not only can a carport save you from being late to work, but it will save you hassle and give you the peace of mind that your vehicle is always safe, no matter what storm’s blowing outside.

And our advice applies to all sorts of vehicles. Whether you need to park an RV,  winterize a boat, or set up an insulated comfortable workshop, Elephant Structures has a carport cover up for you!

Elephant Structures manufactures custom metal buildings for Americans in 48 states.  To meet a high standard of customer satisfaction, we ship every design directly from our NC factory and our delivery crew installs your carport cover, metal barn, garage, or workshop for free.  To learn more about our company, follow us on Twitter, “like” us on Facebook, add us to your Google Plus circle!


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