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Carport Fire Damages Home in Louisiana

Years and years ago, before vehicles became a staple of everyday life in America, there was no such thing as a carport or garage. Homes and estates would often feature a detached structure known as a carriage house. This building was used to house horses and was often detached from the home because of the offensive smell and the risk of disease. As cars became more and more popular, they would eventually take the place of a horse inside the carriage house. Even though a vehicle doesn’t produce the same horrible odor that a horse does, newly built homes still featured a detached garage due to the risk of vehicle fire. As cars became more and more safe, the garage and carport eventually became a part of the home and it has remained that way ever since.

However, there are still instances where a vehicle fire can spell disaster for homeowners. One recent example out of Louisiana is a sombering reminder that a vehicle fire can still lead to far greater damage that expected.

Vehicle Fire Leads to Devastation

During the first week of April, a blaze erupted at a Shreveport, Louisiana home that destroyed a vehicle and caused extensive damage to the home. According to news reports, a woman noticed smoke coming from her car shortly after arriving home. She then saw a fire spreading underneath the car and attempted to get the car started so she could move it away from the home. When the vehicle failed to crank, the woman quickly alerted others inside the home and everyone was able to escape safely. The flames spread through the roof of the residence before eventually spreading to the rest of the dwelling. The heat from the blaze was so intense, it even caused the siding on the home next-door to warp and melt.

Luckily, nobody was hurt in the blaze. However, this story should serve as a warning that vehicle fires can strike at any time and have the potential to damage homes and destroy lives.

Invest in a Carport or Garage from Elephant

Many homes that have been built in the last half-century feature some sort of attached carport or garage. While predicting a vehicle fire is pretty close to impossible, preventing one from spreading to your home is easy. All of our buildings are constructed using American-sourced steel and are designed to last for generations. Using resilient materials means that any vehicle fire that occurs in one of our carports or garages will not spread to the structure and cause greater damage.

Investing in a high-quality metal carport or garage from Elephant is a sure fire way to protect your car from the elements without foregoing the safety of your family. Check out our extensive selection of custom metal carports and garages and learn more about our company by exploring our website.

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