how to turn a carport into a garage

Carport to Garage Conversion: A How to Guide

Can You Convert A Carport Into A Garage?

Let us paint a picture for you. The family is all tuckered out from your most recent family road trip. You walk into your home and as you do so you look at your carport with apathy you’ve never felt before. Your carport is home to your vehicles. Your apathy might be caused by unflattering living conditions for your cars. If this sounds like you, it might be time for an upgrade and it couldn’t be easier. With our helpful checklist you’ll be done with your carport to garage conversion in no time.

Whoa, slow down. Let’s take a step back. As is the case with almost any project start in the planning phase. When converting any portion of your home it’s good to at the very least understand and follow both HOA requirements and all applicable building code. A carport conversion is no different.

So you’ve brushed off the dust of the code book and you’ve found you have HOAs blessing it’s time to move forward to the second phase of measuring your future garage. One big difference between a metal car port and a metal garage is a garage is more secure AND has plenty of storage space. A lot of that security boils down to your new garage having a door and that’s where our next tip comes in. When converting your carport into a garage its best to follow the adage “measure twice cut once”. What we mean is that in your projects undertaking you want the proper dimensions. A proper garage has an average depth of 20-ft depth. If you have a two-car carport your garage should be around 18.5 ft wide and 10 ft for a one-car.

You’re garage conversion plan is coming along nicely, but there are still a few more things to nail down before you start you project. The roof of your garage is as important as the door you put on it. In a carport conversion you have to consider, what will this look like once the garage is complete? The good news is that if you have a carport from Elephant Structures our carports are fully customizable and have your future in mind.

Now that you’ve got a plan in place to upgrade your carport, it’s time to decide if you will DIY or hire a professional. While DIY is certainly a great option for homeowners who wish to upgrade an existing building. Please consult an Elephant Structures advisor to see if installation options are available for your project. Otherwise, you can source all the materials you need from us and hire a local handy-man to assist with your project and skip all hassles of installation yourself. You may want to leave the old building behind and add a new structure to your property with greater usability.

When working with Elephant Structures and we’ve got the building tool right on the website. We’ll walk you through the process and ensure that the highest quality standards are met and your cars will be so happy with their new home.

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