How the Carport Got Its Name

When automobiles were first invented, people did not have garages or places to store their new cars. People, who had horses and a carriage, could park the car in their barn, which was fine for people living in rural areas. People living in the city needed a place to park their car, and a new covered structure was created, which was called a carport, to provide covered protection against the elements and sunlight.

A Carport Comes in Just About Any Size Desired

Early carports were made out of wood, brick and other materials, which would deteriorate over time and need replaced. A modern carport is made out of metal, such as aluminum or steel and provides a longer lasting solution. Carports come in all different sizes, with small units available to hole just one car and larger units available to hold RVs. has pre-configured models as well as the ability to build your own custom unit.

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