12x26 Single Car Carport with Green Roof and White Trim

Do-It-Yourself Carport Kit for Covered Shelters

12x26 Single Car Carport with Green Roof and White Trim

Get Handy With A DIY Carport Kit

There are many different types of do-it-yourself projects available allowing you to save money. When you want to add covered parking space or a shaded area to relax to your yard, you can look at getting your own carport kit. Carport kits allow home owners to fully customize a project and even save some cash. If you build it yourself, your crews will drop off the building at your construction site as a complete packaged kit of parts and materials ready for installation. No tools are included, but the buildings are designed and engineered for easy installation with standard household tools. Watch a short video here to see a carport in process and what you might expect in your project.

A carport is a metal structure which a covered roof. You can leave the sides open or decide to include half or full walls. This kit comes complete with all the parts and components needed to assemble the finished product.

Ordering a Carport Kit

Ordering a kit for your metal building is easy. Just call 855-227-7678 and speak with a building advisor about your project and for a free local price quote. Otherwise, you can design your building with our exclusive Carport.com Building Designer with instant local pricing. No matter which way you prefer to order, if you know exactly what you’re looking for, or if you need a little advise. We can help. The experienced team at Elephant Structures is here to help you get the best metal building for the best price possible.

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