Carport Kits for Sale Raleigh, NC

Carport Kits for Sale Raleigh, NC

Carport Kits for Sale Raleigh, NC
We build sustainable steel structures for innovative communities and individuals in the Raleigh-Durham area.

Steel carport kits are affordable, sustainable investments that have a much wider reach of benefits than just for the individual customer.

Did you know that steel is 100% recyclable?  Galvanized steel not only has a long lifetime, due to the fact that it eliminates the possibility of corrosion, but the material can be reused, remade, and recycled with minimal loss. Steel can be used again and again for future projects, reducing the waste and energy spent on production decades down the line. We choose steel so that all our carport kits for sale Raleigh, NC are environmentally friendly.

Elephant Structures carports also reduce chemical run-off from car exhaust, thereby protecting Raleigh’s lakes, streams, and drinking water from toxic waste.  Our carport kits are anchored right into the ground, letting any chemical spills and drips from car exhaust pipes to spread safely into the ground. Keep your car out of the rain in one of our metal carports to save your valuable vehicle and to protect your community.

We show our commitment to the innovative goals of the city of Raleigh by promoting sustainable relationships with the environment and natural resources.

DIY Certified Carport Kits for Sale Raleigh, NC

Elephant Structures offers great deals on carport kits for sale Raleigh, NC, including free installation and delivery of all our steel kits.  All of our structures are DIY certified, and come with a DIY discount (as a tip of a hat from us to your industrious nature) if you do choose to assemble a kit yourself. It’s a fun project to work on with a couple of buddies, with no construction experience required.

Elephant Structures’ Carport Kits for Sale Raleigh, NC – All of our Kits are fully customizable with the virtual carport builder on For more information about our carports or our company, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We’re always happy to hear from our Raleigh, NC customers!


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