Carport Kits Maryland

We’ve got Carport Kits Maryland!

Whether you’re by the Chesapeake Bay, on a farm in Frederick County, or settled in the DC suburbs, Elephant Structures has eco-friendly, American manufactured, easy to install carport kits for you.

Carport Kits Maryland - Eco-friendly Carports to Save your Boats and the Bay!
You save yourself and the environment a lot of resources and hassle when you design a carport from Elephant Structures.

Carport Kits Maryland – Shelter your Boat for the Beach and the Bay

Even for those of us who aren’t part of the 17 million living in the Chesapeake bay watershed, we all enjoy a trip to the beach. Instead of renting a boat slip to dock your boat at a harbor somewhere, build a steel carport at your home or beach house.  Not only will you save money in the long run, but you will be assured that your boat will be safe. Certified strong, our steel carport kits hold up against rain, hail, snow, and 130mph winds for 20 years or more.

Steel carport kits are 100% recyclable. They’re efficient, green structures. Elephant structures carports ensure proper drainage, preventing chemical leaks from your vehicle from collecting into run-off that damages the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem. We don’t waste time or money on building concrete foundations, our carports anchor right into the ground, making sure that the drainage goes in your yard, not into the Bay waters.  Also, storing household chemicals in your metal carport will ensure that they don’t run-off into the street, and make their way to the bay to poison the ecosystem or your drinking water. For other ways to be green with carport kits Maryland, check out the Chesapeake Bay Program website.

Carport Kits Maryland – An Affordable, Greener, No-hassle Garage

Carports are useful shelters that are cheaper, painless alternatives to building an entire new garage onto your house.  Elephant Structures steel carport kits are shipped directly to you and installed in mere weeks from the time that you order them, unlike a garage renovation, which takes months of hassle and high costs.  We include free installation and delivery into the price of your carport, but we’ll also give you a discount if you’d rather put it together yourself. It’s a fun, easy project to put together with the family.

Elephant Structures carport kits are fully customizable. That means that whether you need a steel carport to shelter your car, your RV, your boat, your lawn mower, your tractor, or all of the above, you’ll get the exact dimensions you need. Try out our Build ID application for Carport Kits Maryland, and design a carport to match your house, to function as a workshop, to protect your collection of antique cars! Whatever your needs may be, we’ve got carport kits Maryland, built precisely to your plans.

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